rjung is unbanned

I still wanna know why rjung is in SDMB limbo, neither banned nor unbanned, member nor mod, admin nor… well, perfect master, I guess.

He remains, a ghost of a poster…

[sub]I see dead people…[/sub]

I dunno, the principals at my schools were all kinda scummy. Not men of principle, you might say.

It’s that whole Zen Buddhism yin-yang cosmic balance thing, y’know? I guess I’m stuck in the middle between the Light and Dark sides of the force, between AM and FM, good and evil, smooth and chunky…

Mersavets, you know most dopers won’t even know what “AtAT” is. :wink:

And I’m surprised my temporary banning was even noticed b anyone, much less the crowds who did show up. It’s not like I’m Esprix or tomndeb or anyone important, after all… :wink:

You’re important to us Mac folk! We gotta stick together, after all! :smiley:

Man, I miss everything! I am glad that my favorite Transfan-site-running, mac-usin’ Doper has been returned to the Powers-That-Be’s good graces…


Darn, there goes my balance. :wink:

Come on rjung, you know that you felt like less of a man with that missing member!
In exchange, I’ll count on your help when the wife and I finally upgrade our computers to the iMac (for me) / Windows laptop (for her) / Airport network.

Let me see, “wax on, wax off.”

[Colonel Cathcart]
Let’s see, the banning was a black eye for the clique, so the un-banning was a feather in its cap. Or was it the other way around?

I always need Colonel Korn to help me keep track of these things.

rjung, I’ll have you know your banning was what prompted me to send my first e-mail to a moderator. It’s good to have you back.


Just curious, why is this in the Pit? It’s as if to say “well damn, I really wanted to ban Rjung, he deserved it, but we had to reinstate him…ASSHOLE.”

Welcome back rjung. I too was in “banned” purgatory for a spell. It kind of sucks because you can read the “dope,” but you can’t respond. Worse, you can’t e-mail the mods from the board. So unless you have one of them in your address book, or your SOL.:eek:

The FAQ on technical issues, a thread in ATMB, explains how to e-mail an administrator when you can’t log in. I’m sure all of you have read the FAQ.

Because it’s a “discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” and because it’s a follow-up to the closed Pit thread Well…this is the obligatory why was rjung banned thread…

I certainly didn’t mean it that way, and I hope rjung didn’t take it that way. The Pit is for more than just calling other people assholes, I hope you understand.

I’m here for the corn chips and limbo competition, myself. :slight_smile:

(Geez, aren’t you people done talking about me instead? All this verbage should go to someone who truly deserves it, n’est pas?)

Don’t tell me you’ve gone and become a moderate, now.

Rather, please tell me you’ve used the free time that was forced upon you to finally do something constructive with your life…

…and register as a Republican. :smiley:
-Tygr, living proof that not all Mac owners are drugged-out hippie freaks. :wink:

Yeah, I have “Register as a Republican” right after “Have frontal lobotomy” on my to-do list. :wink:

And Macs are so easy to use even a Republican can figure them out! :smiley: