rjung is unbanned

rjung’s posting privileges have been restored. His banning was partly the result of a miscommunication amongst the staff, for which I am in large part responsible. He should have been warned, not banned. I apologize to him for the misunderstanding and any anguish it may have caused.

Not to complain, but perhaps you might want to put the word “Member” back under his name, rather than the current blank pot there.

The pot’s probably there as a peace offering, waterj2.

I stand by my previous post on the matter: it was all about Bill Gates. Nice for you to cover for him, though, bib. :wink: You’re a stand-up guy.

Pffft. He got bought, just like we all did. :wink:

Ah, yes, one of the many perks of being a mod/admin. You’d think I’d remember this by now! :smiley:

I was going to start a “why the hell was rjung unbanned?” thread, but I thought better of it.

Probably wise. :wink:

Not me. I just got rented.

What did that take, 24 hours? Remind me to ask Rjung who his lawyer is.

I’d advise you to look into adverse possession laws in Rhode Island before being so sure of that.

Dammit! My vile plot to have the Mac-lovers taken out one-by-one has been thwarted! Damn youse! Damn youse all to hell!

And a damn fine tuxedo you made, too.

Assuredly man of principal. They threatened to rip me from limb to limb as well, so I took the money.

[does happy dance that Rjung isn’t banned after all]


Another black eye for the clique.

Or is that “Another victory for the clique”?

I can’t keep score any more, even with a cheat-sheet.

Damn, all the good lines have been taken… :wink:

I was actually going to ask rjung what happened in the AtAT version of MPSIMS. But then I thought better of it when I considered the thread would be closed as inappropriate by that forum’s evil NAZI moderator. :smiley:

Damn. I miss all the good stuff.

Considering that I’m majorly nosey and have no life, will someone give a link, so I can see what the hell went on, so I can live vicariously through you folks?


Eh, nothing went on–we all realized “Hey, it says BANNED under Rjung’s name” at about the same time as Bib posted this thread. And we all went, “…Oh…”

So you didn’t miss nothin’, no “discussions” in any threads. My understanding, via mod e-mail, was that it was indeed merely a misunderstanding and was no big deal.

Back to work, everybody, show’s over, nothing to see here…