RNC Reaches A(nother) New Low

RNC mailerthat John McCain is “absolutely” proud of.

What. The. Fuck? How is this even legal. Sure, it doesn’t say, “Obama is a terrorist”, but they sure imply it quite heavily. I mean, when you’ve got “terrorist” in big bold letters on the outside, and a picture of Obama on the inside…

The worst part is the direct quote from him printed inside that says, “We shouldn’t allow our policies to be driven by the fear of terrorism”. If we’re afraid of the terrorists, they’ve already won. That’s they’re whole bane; to drive terror into our lives. That’s why they’re called terrorists. Why should we let them win by being afraid?

It quite reminds me of the Bill Clinton quote (paraphrased), “If one candidate is trying to scare you and the other one is trying to make you think; if one candidate is appealing to your fears, and the other one is appealing to your hopes; you’d better vote for the candidate that’s trying to get you to think and hope.”

I’m not so sure it’s a NEW low. They’ve been playing that tune for 7+ years.

In fact, it’s far older than that. Politics and fear have been bedfellows for millenia.

Great balls of fire! Thats way over the top. The RNC have lost their minds.

“Barack Obama. Not who you think he is.”

He’s not Barack Obama? That’s disconcerting.

I understand the sentiment, but they’re usually more subtle about it.

ETA: And the airplane nose appearing to be just inches from the building? That’s rather rude to those affected in 9/11, IMHO.

So if Obama gets elected, and some nutbag tries to kill him cuz ‘He’s a terrorist’, can the people who put this campaign together and approved it share the blame?

I don’t understand why thinking Republicans aren’t ashamed to be in the same party as these sick fucks. It’s even worse when they start this “Yeah but Democrats did so-and-so wah wah!” bullshit. A few Democrats have pulled a few low stunts here and there, but for the Republicans, this crap is their everyday MO. They feed on fear and stupidity as a matter of routine business.

True, they’ve taken it to new extremes.

Hell, if this were a more local (senate/house) race, I’d call it libel/slander. Fuckers.

Disgusting. And desparate. I hope they lose, and lose big.

Why would the scope of the campaign make a difference?

But as far as local races go, I’m totally sick of the Sununu/Shaheen ads. Sununu is really playing some dirty pool, and not all that well. What a pig fucker.

Well, Bill Clinton did get a BJ and there is nothing worse than that. Unless he got more than one and that would be absolutely terrible. And he lied about getting one, just like 99.9% of the married men (and women) who have strayed a little bit would. So that sort of degenerate stuff gives the Republicans license to do anything they please; no matter how despicable it might be: Republicans just don’t get BJs and that excuses everything.

Wonder if Palin ever-----I won’t go there because I don’t really want to know.

For some reason I just can’t get that scene out of my head in Saving Private Ryan when the squad gets to the first French town still under attack and the desperate German commander says over the load speaker, “'The Statue of Liberty ist kaput!”.

That is sickening! This shit won’t end with the election either. McCain, if you have nothing to say about policy then please SHUT THE FUCK UP.

God Damn it.

The problem is that the RNC are demonstrating that they’re exactly who I think they are - scumpuppies of the highest order.

For a brief, brief moment I read that as the “Sunni/Shi’a ads”. Given all the talk of purported crypto-Muslims I suppose it’s not that surprising.

I’m thinking its tactical.

The Forces of Darkness can read the handwriting on the wall, it says “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” which is Goddish for “You are gonna catch a thumping, big time and downtown!”.

See, so long as they think they have a credible chance, they stick to centrist appeals, they try to reach the independents and Reagan Dems, stoking their hard core with just enough red meat to keep them psyched and primed.

Now, keep in mind there is a core of people, somewhere around 25-30%, who won’t turn away from them no matter how rotten and insidious their actions. That’s not enough to win, of course.

But if you already know you aren’t going to win, there is no percentage in being sane and reasonable. You then go red meat 24/7/365, you rediscover your roots because you need every single one of those votes to prevent a complete and utter catastrophe.

Oh, it’s still slander. But then, so was the Swiftboat crap, and sadly, and you never see any action taken in the presidential campaigns, even with outright falsehoods. (Look at the Whitewater crap)