"RO" and "ETA." What do they stand for?

So I’ve been gone for quite a long while now, and I’m seeing some new acronyms all over. And they’re short, so I can’t search for either, which is why I’m posting here.

The first is “ETA.” I understand this basically indicates material added during an edit, but what’s it stand for? I still keep thinking “Estimated time of arrival” whenever I see it. Is this official convention here, or just a widely-adopted one? I prefer the simple, old, “EDIT:” msyelf.

In the pit, there’s a lot of “RO;” I can’t even glean from context what this is supposed to mean, and it’s bugging the heck out of me now. Can someone enlighten me?

“edited to add” and “recreational outrage”, respectively.

ETA: edited to add…
RO: Recreational Outrage

These are both in the “glossary” stickie immediately above.

ETA: Edited To Add
RO: Recreational Outrage: The person posting isn’t personally affected, but needs rend his or her garments in outrage over some public malfeasance

ETA – yeah, it took me an extra minute, but I* explained * RO. :stuck_out_tongue: