RO: Reality TV contestant kills herself. Blames show

Well, not really but there are already some headlines to that effect.
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I never watched the show. Seems like there was enough stress in her personal life even without the reality show pressure. Boyfriend committing suicide, working with child abuse cases – those things have to be pretty high on the list of stressors.

For anyone else who is curious what show is involved–it was the extremely recent and now canceled Pirate Master.

Apparently, the big issue was the recent suicide of her boyfriend, which I have no idea by what was it motivated. It seems that her participation on the show was an issue amongst the couple. She also complained about the flak the show was getting.

She mentions something about making the Enquirer, but I am not able to find anything about it.

Is it really so much to ask that you put the person’s name and the show in the OP? I mean seriously. “Cindy Realitygal on 'Watch Me On TV killed herself.” Is that honestly too much to type?

It is for thems of us who think ANYBODY on a reality show is likely crazy enough to do anything and don’t really care about the participants of any reality show except Beauty and the Geek.

It is on the link, but her name is Cheryl Kozewicz from Pirate Master, the tanked show from Mark Burnett on CBS.

This isn’t the first time a contestant on a Mark Burnett reality show has committed suicide. Najai Turpin, one of the competitors on The Contender, shot himself during the series’ run in 2005.

I’m not sure what’s being pitted here. It seems like Ms. Kozewicz was just in the middle of too much crap, with tragic results. It doesn’t seem like the show’s fault, nor does it seem like anyone else’s fault. It just seems like a very tragic situation.


I thought it was funny, but it made me laugh for more than five seconds, so I figured it was a bad idea to post.

meh, I got a raised eyebrow at the suggestion of the show being to blame for a suicide. A connection very tenuously made by the suicidee (if at all) but happily embraced by a couple of headlines.

Mostly, I wanted to redirect the discussion of this out of the Pirate Master thread, which didn’t happen anyways, so well.

It was a very lazy attempt at whatever it was that I meant.