Roach Invasion Ack >.<

Quick someone… tell me how to kill roaches! they are everywhere! I live in a private estate and the sewers here recently just got pumped clean or something… The roaches are freaked and they are like coming up my sink holes… under the door… argh… one even flew right into my face when i opened the front door to go to school.

Gawd im going out of my mind here someone help me. The roach spray i got is stinking up my house and i cant leave home without smelling like pesticide. I need some odorless, and preferbly non flammable roach killer. The news paper is not an option cause im a lousy shot and i feel squishy inside when i see one.

I read somewhere soap and water kills bees and stuff. does it work? kerosene i’d prefer to leave as a last option, fire hazard and all…

From the Master: What’s the best way to kill cockroaches?

By all means use borax as a long term solution, but for quick satisfying cochroach death I use a solution of pure ethanol 70% water 30% and a pinch of vanillin (for smell). This is the same as a product on the market here in Oz that is used to deodorise fridges. There may be a similar product where you are.

Spray them with this and they die within about a minute. It is non toxic (well no more than OP rum), disinfects and smells nice too. It is flammable though, but not a great risk in small quantities. Dont go spaying lots of it (~100ml) around the place in one go to avoid risk of fire.

We’ve had a cockroach problem for years, and I finally caved the other day and called an exterminator. For about $90 bucks someone came in and put bait underneath our home, sprayed something that had v. little odor (harmless), and within 30 minutes roaches were turning up dead in closets and bathroom drains. I have seen a few live ones since then, but not nearly as many as were frolicking around before.


Thanx i liked the rat cement thing from the master(funny), but i was looking for an instant kill method which is less than $20(exterminator is way over budget). I’ve seal up my house pretty tight after they started invading. no holes = less roaches. I feel like going on a rampage rather than waiting for them to die out. Im an instant pleasure kinda guy…

Anyway i thought of some possibilities but i havent tried them out yet . :smiley: just tell me which might work and which might not.

a) Freeze-em-spray. I forgot what the actual spray is called but it’s the one you use for people who have a bruises or cuts and it super cools the spot you target.

b)Borax spray?

c)hmm i heard from my mother who heard from her mother that they used to spray limejuice on em. Is this entirely folklore?