Roaches and cocoa


Cecil suggests: Calm yourself and pay attention to your Uncle Cecil. There are two proven approaches to dealing with la cucaracha : (1) borax, and (2) arson. Assuming your landlord objects to the latter line of attack, hie yourself down to the basement and mix up the following recipe: 4 parts borax, 2 parts flour, and 1 part cocoa powder.

Why the cocoa powder? Why the flour even? Borax is just a cheaper version of Boric acid, which I think may work better.


Death By Chocolate. Literally.

That is way too much trouble to go to for roaches.

Do roaches even have arteries to get filled with gunk? :crazy_face:

While refined flour deceives the roaches as a food item, the aromatic cocoa powder instantly draws the roaches closer.