Roaches/Water Bugs

I am in a new home and I am infested with roaches or maybe they are water bugs. I am at my wits end and thinking about moving after only 2 months. I need to know how to kill the darn things. I have already tried Roach Prufe but that stuss is like sugar to these creatures. Help!!!

I’ve had success with a combination of those little roach motels and diatomaceous earth. “poof” the DE around all interior walls/baseboards, doors, windows, etc. Outside too though I’m not sure it works if it gets wet. I figure the roach hotels are good for the quick kill and the DE will finish off the rest.

Plus the DE is (as I understand it) non-toxic and doesn’t hurt the cats. I have one cat that goes absolutely nuts over roach hotels. I’m not sure what she smells but she’ll climb my leg for them. We have to put them in impossible cat places (eg. under the fridge).

Besides boric acid powder sprinkled along the base of walls, I had success with glue boards, which work as long as you don’t have kids or pets or walk around wearing socks (without shoes).

Go to the store. Buy some residual insecticide spray. Apply to all the skirting boards and door frames.

Problem gone within 48 hours.

Our ancestors spend 120, 000 years developing effective technology to control vermin, and people still want to use crushed rocks. :smack: