Road rash treatment

As I posted in another thread, I did something stupid on my scooter and got a rather nasty road rash (abrasion wound). I’ve read a few articles on road rash treatment and they all recommend using Second Skin or other semi- or non-permeable dressings to keep the wound moist. I went to a pharmacist and he insists that the wound should be allowed to dry and scab - and they only had dressings designed to promote drying. (Japan is really behind in medicine, especially non-life threatning things like this.) So what are my options given primitive supplies like that?

I Googled and found several sites about the subject.

Commonly, experts recommend that you immediately clean the wound and get the dirt and other nasty stuff out. This might involve scraping or extensive washing or whatever. The key is getting the area clean to minimize infection. Given its commonality in biking, purchase a first aid kits that has various towelettes and something like iodine, betadine or some other antibiotic cream.

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You have my sympathy, especially after reading about it.

Thanks, yes I’ve cleaned the wound well and applied disinfectant and antibiotic cream. The part I’m not sure about is if I really need to keep the wound moist, and how to do that without the fancy modern dressings.

When I got some nasty road rash a few years ago I let it dry out. I kept gauze over it the majority of the time and watched how I washed it. Depending on where it’s at, all of mine were on joints, it cracked, ripped etc. I tried not to pick the scaps, but the one I did pick at a little did not heal right, the others are now gone.

I’d also really make sure you’ve got it cleaned. One of mine got infected a few days later because the hospital did not clean it properly. You may want to put SOME ointments on it, but not a lot at all, and it’s probably best to wait a few days at least.