Road Runner cartoon q.

I swear I’ve seen this in one Road Runner cartoon or another, but when I went to find a cite I couldn’t: After a rifle inexplicably fails to fire, the Coyote squints down the barrel to see what’s wrong- and of course then it fires.

Wasn’t that in every Roadrunner cartoon?

Here’s one with a malfunctioning shotgun.

A lot of scenes like this have been scrubbed from the RR episodes. They are considered too violent.

Sounds something like what Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam might have done.

Ahh yes, but only Yosemite Sam could shoot both guns down so fast it lifted him off the floor! I always thought that was hilarious.

Daffy Duck does it, too, in an animated short that fit within the adapted-from-Heinlein movie Destination Moon.

Of course that’s a lot to do with how diminutive Sam is. In his very first cartoon he stood on some railroad tracks trying to stop a train and it simply rolls overhead.

When ABC was running the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner show in the eighties, they cut out a lot of the “violence”. If you get the episodes on DVD, or catch them on Cartoon Network (whenever they decide to start showing them again) the shorts are shown in their full uncut - bill spinning - face covered in soot - mid-section disappearing - “Yoiks and away” CRASH - glory.