Road Sign Identification (Germany)

This weekend I saw a road sign that I could not identify, and I can’t find it in any of the common sign manuals.
They were the standard sized circle signs, black and white, with an odd design in the middle. The signs came in pairs, with one on the left and one on the right side of the road. The sign on the left was oriented/rotated 90 degrees different than the one on the right.
Here is a quick sketch from memory.
I’ve drawn both the left and right side signs.
Any idea what these were trying to tell me? This was on the Autobahn, north of Munich.

I am guessing this one:

That’s it! Thank you!

They really don’t look like road signs, (aside from an old-timey American railroad crossing sign). They do look vaguely like a “gate” indicator with the top sign being closed and the lower sign being open. If top is left, could they be an odd way to indicate that there is two-way traffic and the left lane is closed and the right is open?

Was the center a solid black circle? Or was there an image on it?

Good luck.


I wonder if my “gate” guess is related to the image or if it just indicates left and right to the electronic eye?