Road thru Cimarron River Canyon, NM

Has any SDoper taken the scenic drive through Cimarron River Canyon in NE NM? Is the road full of hairpin turns, etc.? And, if one is unable to drive the length of this scenic drive, are there places where it is safe to turnaround? (If you hear of a car tettering over the edge of the canyon, you’ll know it was me!)

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  • Jinx

On Rt. 64, you mean? It’s fine. Yeah, there’s some areas you’ll need to go slowly, but nothing particularly hair-raising. It’s a beautiful drive. I went through it last year, with fresh snow on the ground.

64 is gorgeous! My mom, who can get carsick did shut her eyes a couple of times, but it is a well-maintained road. I doubt that you’d have to turn back due to road conditions.

Got the chance to drive on it several times when I was a ranger at Philmont Scout Reservation (which will be on either side of you near cimarron). BTW, if you see someone with a backpack sticking out their thumb - it’s most likely a staff member from Philmont - they’d really appreciate the ride - though the rangers might smell a bit. (I appreciated the ride when I was there - and, yes, probably smelled a bit too!) :wink:

We were coming home from Taos once, heading east on 64. Scenic drive, winding road, made the last turn coming down the hill and there’s a scenic highway checkpoint/ road block. We spent a couple of hours detained on the side of beautiful Hwy 64 while the state troopers disassembled my buddy’s car.

Seems as though the dogs had mistaken left over pizza in the back seat for drugs in the trunk.

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