Road Trip - A Series of Imponderables

We’re returning from a 2500 mile road trip from Indiana to Orlando and St. Pete Beach, Florida and we have a great many questions…

  1. What are those volleyball size balls hanging on the overhead wires above the interstate? Af first I thought they were some type of float since the wires ran above a small body of water. Later, however, we saw them on the power lines above dry land. What gives?

  2. What does one do with 3 lbs. of shelled Georgia pecans? I know, I know. I just got caught up in the Tourist Moment. <sigh>

  3. What causes a “red tide”? For you land lubbers, this is where fish and other marine life dies in mass quantities and comes up on the beach in the form of a red murky water. Apparently, St. Pete Beach area has had this smelly phenomenon for about a week now and no one could tell us what it was caused from.

  4. Why in the world does Georgia use a different font on their interstate signs? They’re using what appears to be a narrow version of Ariel or other simple sans-serif font. We need consistency, I tells ya, consistency.

In other MPSIMS news, we’ve had huge delays caused by the inability of motorists to properly handle their oversize SUV’s hauling mega-motorhomes. Three major crashes on the road and all three were single-vehicle accidents. We’ve had excellent accomodations and food. We had the best grouper sandwich in the world at St. Pete Beach. Yum! I got a tiny sunburn on my forehead at the beach. Disney and Sea World were wonderful, as always. We’re in Nashville tonight and will be home tomorrow. Yea!

If they’re like the ones in my area, they’re intended to make the wires visible to pilots of low-flying aircraft.

  1. I believe that LeeshaJoy is correct; it’s for visibility.
  2. Pecan pie? Butter pecan ice cream?
  3. No idea.
  4. Most likely, it’s the Clearview font now being deployed on highway signs.
  1. That is correct - visibility for aircraft.
  2. Pecan pie and candy
  3. Algae
  4. What Dewey said.

For me, it has never been a ‘font’ problem but a sign placement problem.

City street signs are the worst IMO.


For me it was never a ‘font’ problem but a placement problem.

City street signs are the worst IMO.


You don’t have to use all those pecans at once. They freeze very well. Use those cheap plastic (Glad or equiv) containers - place enough for a nice sized pie in each, throw them in the freezer, problem solved

I can’t believe you were in our neighborhood and didn’t even say “hello”? And where, on St. Pete Beach, did you find the best grouper sandwich in the world? They’ve just banned deepwater grouper fishing for the rest of the season in the Gulf, in another attempt to revive the fisheries. You could have gone some miles north of St. Pete Beach and escaped the red tide, btw. Maybe just north of Clearwater Beach.

I could use up 3 pounds of pecans in no time. I like pecans on salads or on yogurt.

You can get rid of most of your pecans by making this recipe and giving some to all of your friends (and complete strangers, who will be your friends after they taste some of these yummy pecans!)

Killer Pecans

1 1/2 cups pecan halves
2 Tbsp butter, melted
1 1/2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp cumin
3/4 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 tsp seasoning salt

Toss pecans in butter. Combine remaining ingredients. Sprinkle evenly over pecans, and toss to coat. Spread pecans in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 325 degrees F for 15 minutes, stirring halfway through. Cool and store in an airtight container.

That’s totally cool. I hadn’t heard about the new Clearview font until your link. I didn’t think it was enough different to merit a change but after reading your link, a great deal of thought has gone into the development of this font.

Excellent advice. I’m preparing to freeze them right away. I just read, too, that the best time to buy them is in the fall when the new crop is harvested. :smack:

Sorry ShibbOleth. We were only at the beach a couple of days so we didn’t have time to do anything except eat.

The little restaurant we went to is called Groupers and it’s on Blind Pass, (I think that’s the name of the street). We are by no means grouper experts but it was excellent. We also ate at LaCroisette and Leverocks (two of our favorites) and Grattzi in St. Pete. Yum. Yum. Yum!

I wrongly assumed that the red tide was a widespread problem and didn’t even try to find another beach. Next time we’ll know.