Roast Beef lunchmeat; why is it wet?

From Wikipedia, I thought this common knowledge, but apparently not.

Hogshead . The hogshead of beer and ale was equal to a quarter of a tun, half a butt, a barrel and a half, or three kilderkins. This unit is close in size to the wine hogshead . In the mid-15th century the ale hogshead was defined as 48 ale or beer gallons (221.8 L).

Stop the angry PMs.

Yes, the gravy is the main difference, both in flavor and texture or consistency. The beef seemed very similar with the po-boy perhaps a little thicker.

What on earth kind of angry emails were you getting? What did they think a hogshead was? Even if they thought it was the head of a hog what were they getting angry about?

They thought it was an abbreviation.

As the great Abe Simpson once remarked, to hell with metric, his car got 40 rods to the hogshead (which, if you do the math, is unspeakable poor mileage… I mean roddage.)

without checking, I assume that would be roman measurements instead of arabic?

I’m sorry, I don’t really have anything to add to the discussion of the OP, I’ll show myself out, the door is just a few unglies this way

There’s a lot of moisture in packaged cold cuts, roast beef, ham, turkey - I used to buy it, separate slices and put on paper towels, roll up, and refrigerate. That was for the benefit of Mr. Salinqmind who liked it that way :-p. Cold cuts don’t freeze well, they’re too full of preservatives and get all soggy.

That looks exactly like the Boar’s Head brand freshly sliced roast beef I bought the other day. Ever try Bacon Jam on a roast beef sandwich?

Yep. We always have at least one in the pantry as the leftover soup\chili container. Woe be to the person who throws it away in our household.

Why would you want dry beef?

Good point. For 13.99 a pound though, maybe damp would be better than wet.