Rob Reiner and Soledad O'Brien -- their JFK assassination podcast

The podcast is on Apple Podcasts. I saw a story on CNN that these two have a podcast, 2 episodes out, third one out on Wednesday the 60th anniversary, I don’t know how many in total, where they are investigating the JFK assassination, and they say they will name names about who was responsible, not only who pulled the trigger(s) but who was behind it.

Is anyone following this podcast? It’s ranked quite high on Apple, apparently. I am not, although I confess that I will be interested in what they find out and what their conclusions are. It’s just that a podcast is the last format from which I would choose to absorb information, so I will wait until I can read the results.

I have had a lot of respect for Rob Reiner as a producer and director, but I am maintaining my skepticism. O’Brien has been off of CNN for 10 years and I don’t know much about her work since then. I have never been entirely easy with the established story as solidified by the Warren Commission, but I’ve never seen any convincing evidence that debunks it. So I’m kind of hoping for something definitive, one way or the other.

I like the politics of Rob, but not sure about his style. I do like Soledad quite a bit. She does a show on Sunday mornings that I watch and enjoy. She does deeper dives into interesting less known topics.

I will also await the conclusion in print though. I just don’t care enough to listen to people talk that much.

I wonder if surviving Secret Service agent to JFK Paul Landis’ recent book The Final Witness is part of the reason for the podcast, or one of the sources they draw from to make their case. I understand that he raises some doubts about the lone gunman theory in the book.

Calling his book ‘The Final Witness’ is a bit premature, though. There are two surviving Secret Service agents who had been assigned to JFK’s detail, and the other remaining agent, Clint Hill, was just interviewed on the Today Show this morning. He strongly denied the possibility that there might be anything to the assassination beyond it just being Oswald, and was concerned that the conspiracy theory existed and would not go away. When asked about his fellow agent Landis’ book, he stopped short of saying Landis was lying or making stuff up to sell books, but said something to the effect that he didn’t understand what Landis’ motivations were.

I will also not be listening to the podcast, but I’ll look up a recap after it all comes out just to see if they actually did unearth anything new or relevant that actually points to something other than it just being Oswald. For my part, I mostly believe the lone gunman theory, but I have always found it suspicious that Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner with mob ties, killed Oswald before a trial could happen.

Any chance their conclusions will be -

Lee Harvey Oswald?

I heard Reiner promoting this on TV yesterday. Unless he’s making stuff up just to attract an audience then he’s lost his mind.

Here’s a link I’ve posted befoer in JFK assassination threads.

Who Killed JFK Today?

It’s from a sketch comedy show in Seattle; a game show in which the contestants score points by answering questions about the assassination, and each has their own bizarre conspiracy theory. One of the contestants is played by Bill Nye.

If Reiner and O’Brien come up with anything new, someone can post it in this thread.

With you on most of this.

I do believe that LHO killed Kennedy on his own. There is much evidence to prove this, and not one hell of a lot to disprove it.

I like Rob Reiner as an actor, director, and seems like a solid guy. I do think that actors seem to get full of themselves and believe they have answers to non-entertainment questions that have alluded experts in those fields. I see both Reiner and Alec Baldwin who have both ‘solved’ the JFK assassination in this light.

Having said that, like you while I won’t listen to the podcast, I’ll read up on it from a distance.

Yeah, exactly. Maybe they have more resources than the average person to invest in an investigation, but I don’t think they have more wisdom than the average person to parse out the results. Reiner, in the interview I saw, seemed kind of full of himself because he didn’t just buy the Warren report at face value, he lifted up his head and started hearing other people, to paraphrase him. That added a level to my skepticism, but he did seem pretty sure they were going to end up with something definitive (or maybe they already have, and they’re drawing it out to make more money).

I love me some Almost Live, but I hadn’t seen that one before. Good sketch.

He was only trying to steal the Jack Ruby.

Three episodes, three names. Checks out.

Except he didn’t really have mob ties (other than being a guy who ran a seedy nightclub that would attract unsavory types with whom he was friendly)

If you were in the Mob why would you wear the tie? Dead giveaway.

Rob Reiner was interviewed about his JFK project on The Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know podcast earlier this week. The best part of the interview was how excited the guys got when Rob told them a new Spinal Tap movie was in the works.



I suppose we’ve built up the fairy tale of Camelot with its young attractive president, first lady, and an era when American still had its innocence. I’m not sure how many times America could lose its innocence, but I guess JFK’s death was one of those times. Given the romance ascribed to Camelot I suppose it’s no surprise people still like talking about it. But given the last few years, I’m no longer as tolerant of conspiracy theories as I used to be. It’s not a cute bit of excentric belief, it’s a dangerous mindset that’s not far off from Qanon nonsense.

Not far off? It’s in the middle of it.

I feel cheated. All my generation got was looking forward to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius (the Harmonic Convergence came too late and was more a GenX thing).

It is becoming increasingly difficult to tell when I’m reading a MSM article and an Onion article:

The Dallas group of QAnon supporters say it might not just be JFK Jr. coming back. They think numerous other dead celebrities—including Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and Robin Williams—will return, according to reporters in Dallas. Some followers on the farthest fringe of the movement even believe that President Kennedy has been hiding out of public view since 1963, according to The Dallas Morning News, and could potentially return at the age of 104, along with his son.