Rob Rosenberger, do you post here?

One of my favorite sites for debunking Computer Virus Myths is Rob Rosenberger’s site, I have noticed that he frequently mentions the Straight Dope, and Cecil in particular, as demonstrated here:

So… Rob, do you post here?

In the interests of full disclosure I should mention that I am an unabashed fan of Rob, almost as much as I am of Cecil. :eek:
I know, I’m a nerd.

Nah, I never reply here. :wink: My wife reads the forum pretty regularly, though!

Okay, I must be a nerd too, because it’s one of my favorite sites too. :slight_smile:

(blush) Thank you SO much for the kind words, guys. It means even more to me because it appears on this website! I really do appreciate it.

FYI, a scoop for the Teeming Millions. I’m writing from a WashDC hotel, having spoken today with White House appointees about computer viruses. (Just down the hall from where Gore made his concession speech.) Only a dozen antivirus experts got asked – and someone in the National Security Council pleaded for me to accept the invitation. We have a very powerful ally in the fight against hysteria.

You’ll probably read about it when the antivirus industry fires off their press releases. I’ll write quite a bit about it in upcoming editorials. Just remember this: I alone paid for my plane/hotel. Everyone else attended on the govt’s dime or on their company’s expense account…