Robert F. Chew, Proposition Joe on The Wire, dead at 52

Loved that character instantly. The man who portrayed him was enormously talented. A really nice tribute in the Baltimore Sun. Chew could have become an international star had he chosen to migrate to L.A. or New York.

He chose to stay put and help Baltimore’s kids.

Wow, sounds like a hell of a guy. And what a great, great role.

52 is far too young these days - RIP Mr. Chew.

He was wonderful as Prop Joe. And he did great work with the season 4 actors as a coach.

I saw this last night and told Mrs. FtG that Prop Joe died. She wanted to know if the real Prop Joe or the actor died. Easy to see her question, since the guy that Omar was based on died in real life recently.

I don’t think Prop Joe was based on anyone in particular.

The part I like best about his character is that he really did repair toasters and such in that little shop of his. Gotta love a guy who fixes old electronics.

I’m so sorry to hear this. :frowning:

It’s most regrettable that the future dramatic endeavors of Mr. Simon won’t be graced by the talents and beneficence of Robert Chew. Ain’t that a bitch?