Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s health

I just saw Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on tv. His voice sounded extremely shaky, like someone who’s about to break down in tears . . . and it sounded somewhat tentative, even when he was making a strong point. Does he have some health problem that I’m unaware of?

No clue about his health, but it may be related to his uncle’s illness.

That is how he always sounds to me.

He did a lot of drugs in his punk rock days. Partying hard with Jello Biafra night after night takes it out of you.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. suffers from spasmodic dysphonia, a genetic neurological condition that results is a quavering voice that often sounds like the person is choking up. NPR talk show host Diane Rehm has the same condition.

Interesting. I saw him speak a few years back and just assumed that, since he made his living talking to crowds all the time, he had blown out his voice and hadn’t taken enough time off to let it recover.