Robert Rosenthal, hero of the 8th Air Force, dead at 89

I posted this is the Celebrity Death Pool, but I feel this is a man whose passing merits its own thread.

If you’ve read much about the WWII European air war, or the Nuremburg trials, you’ve probably read about him at some point. He flew B17s from 1943 through the end of the war, being shot down twice, evading capture each time and returning to duty. He flew with the famous Bloody 100th, once bringing his plane back, shot to pieces with two of four engines feathered, the only plane of his group’s 13 ship box to survive a mission over Munich. He flew more than 50 missions, double the number required of air crew at the time. After the war he served as a prosecutor at Nuremburg.

If you care to read about some of his exploits, and more of the history of the Bloody 100th, I highly reccommend the war memoir “On a Wing and a Prayer” by Hary H Crosby, the Command Navigator of the 100th.

I’ll have to check my family history; my grandfather (Z’'L) was a deputy chief prosecutor at Nurmberg. He probably knew Robert Rosenthal, maybe even worked with him on some cases.

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Jesus Christ, this guy must’ve had balls of steel. Any one of these three incidents would have put me in the psych ward; but he returned to duty each time.