Robert White -test pilot- dies.

I guess he actually died last week, but I just read about it now, and a search didn’t turn up anything here so I figure the dude deserves some recognition.

He was a test pilot, who did a lot of record breaking in the X-15 back in the 50s and 60’s. He was a possible candidate to be the first man in space when the Air force first started to plan space missions. However When the program got canceled and they created NASA to start looking at it he wasn’t chosen for the Mercury program.

He did get high enough in an aircraft to be counted as an astronaut though :). And later reached General.

He unfortunately did most of his dangerous work in a relative lull in public interest after Yeager, but before space was achieved, and isn’t well known today.

ETA: Ahh crap, didn’t capitalize his name.

When I read the title I thought, ‘Bob White? The X-15 pilot?’ So he’s not completely unknown.

Bad week for pilots. :frowning:

So long, Bob. This former EAFB employee salutes you.

The obit I read this AM explained his lack of fame to his being a simple straight arrow in a blue uniform. There just wasn’t much more for the flacksters to put out there.