Robin Hood's Barn?

SqrlCub’s topic reminded me of this litle disagreement I had with someone. We were driving and the route was kinda roundabout- he said “we have to go around Robin Hood’s barn here…” I said “around Robin’s barn - Robin Hood didn’t have a barn.” Which is it - Robin’s barn or Robin Hood’s barn?

It’s the Sheriff of Nottingham’s barn.

Hope that helps.
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

Are you sure it wasn’t bairn… he was a brit you know… coulda been little baby robins that needed to be circled

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I’ll try to look up the phrase tonight, if I remember, and see what I can find.

I thought Robinhood was a single word, like boyhood or girlhood. Means to feel like a bird and go hopping around eating earthworms.

I take you’ve never heard this expression before? I thought it was a common one -meaning having to get somewhere in a roundabout way.

C. E. Funk, in A Hog On Ice claims that since Robin Hood had no barn, his granary consisted of the planted fields surrounding Sherwood, and “going around Robin Hood’s barn” meant wandering all over the fields surrounding Sherwood to gather his grain.


Am I the only person who has never, in his entire life, heard this expression before?

I’ve never heard it; you must be delusional.

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Actually, I had not heard it this way until very recently. I grew up with my mom saying “all 'round Robinson’s barn” and had always figured it was a reference to some out-in-the-sticks farmer’s property. If I ever heard anyone say “Robin Hood’s” I must have either translated it to “Robinson’s” in my head or simply dismissed their use of the phrase as being an odd derivation.


Ive never heard that expression before either. And Robin Hood is two words. According to the myth the Hood was a part of Sheerwood Forest evil spirits lived. This was a feared place. Robin of the Hood, or Robin Hood. The Sherif intended to scare the peasents into thinking Robin was some evil demon trying to steal there money.