Robin Roberts of ABC has breast cancer. Shit.

Just read this online. Surgery Friday. She says that she found it and the doctors feel that they caught it early.

I have tears. I was there on a Saturday morning in January when she first walked into TV-7 at ABC’s studios in NYC. She’d been brought in from ESPN ( which at the time was the bastard cable child at ABC and now dominates the network entirely ).

She walked into the room and by the end of the first broadcast she owned the crew. Smart, focused, genuine, kind, caring. I’ve worked with a bucketful of on-camera " talent" and IMHO she is one of perhaps two or three who are talented AND human.

I got to work with her for two years, in a small room with a tiny crew, making our wonderful ABC’s Wide World of Sports show. Then after that, the GMA Friday Concerts at Bryant Park. More fun- she loves and KNOWS music.

I hope she beats it down into nothingness and is, just as Linda Ellerbee is, still fighting the fine intelligent fights for many years to come.

Dammit to hell. For all of the nauseating fluff that passes for television, she is the real deal and elevates everything she works on.

I just called a pal who works with her every week. We didn’t make it through the conversation without crying.



The GMA “Somewhere in the Atlantic” business was, quite literally, nauseating fluff.

I was impressed with her performance, though.

She’s remarkable. Always rises to the top. Look, I’m not saying she’s Mother Theresa, but in the world of television, and on-air talent? She’s spectacular on all fronts.