Robocopy syntax help

tl;dr: moving files from one NAS to another. Files created by multiple OSs. Need to preserve ALL file attributes, directory structures, file information, permissions, etc. Want to avoid file locks or other blocks to copying that other machines may have set. Best syntax for the command?

We’re moving files from one NAS to another (from D-Link 321 to Synology DS212j). Files were created by OSX, Windows, and Linux machines and need to be fully accessible by all of them after the move (i.e. no permissions problems irrespective of the original owner). We want to preserve as much file information as possible, particularly the ‘date modified’ field.

We did this once before and ended up with a mess of the above issues. I vaguely recall running into another problem—some OSX-created wouldn’t let the PC copy or something like that. However, no OSX *system *files should be located on the drive, just data files.

Suggestions at the time included using robocopy, and looking at its man page (or DOS equivalent) show lots of options and tags—which suggests I should be careful and ask for advice before wasting time and making a mess of things.

The Windows machine has both drives mapped, so accessing the root directory of either is simply Q:\ and R:.

If it helps (i.e. a better method than robocopy), we have a Windows 7 and an OSX machine (real) and a virtual Linux machine (Windows host). I also have a copy of Acronis True Image 2013 installed on the Windows machine (I know it helped clone an internal disk, don’t know if it is helpful for a pair of NAS devices).

If robocopy is the way to go, can someone help with the correct syntax? Do I need to think through all the switches? (what is restartable mode? Since some data files would have arrived encrypted, do we care about the /efsraw switch? Copy direcrtory timestamps seems appropriate, but do we need it if not being verbose?)