Robot Chicken Experts: Which episode has...

the Science Rappers?

A science teacher tells his class he found somebody on the Craig’s List who can teach science so that it’s easier. and gets a rap group that rhymes out Einstein’s Theory and also does algebra. The sketch closes with Pythogoras’s A Squared Plus B squared Equals Dese Nuts, BIYOTCH!

I looked through Robot Chicken’s episode list list and couldn’t find it. Anybody know?

I can find clips of it, but Robot Chicken’s episodes title are so oblique as to be meaningless, so I can’t find it corresponding to an episode list. IMDB’s episode list includes summaries for SOME of the episode, but not all.

I’m almost certain it’s from the most recent season. The episode list on Wikipedia is good about listing skits, but doesn’t have them up for this season or the last few eps of last season.

This’d be the sketch “Einstein, Mofo,” from the episode “Bionic Cow.”

Sometimes, it’s just a question of which wiki to use.*

*I fully endorse the use of this as a tagline and/or novelty coffee mug inscription. :slight_smile:

Dang. The very first episode from last season that doesn’t have a skit listing yet.

Are there any comedy writers who realize that rap music didn’t vanish from existence in 1990?

I prefer Table be Round.

“360 on the perimeter, you know hoes like diameter!”