Robot citizenship! The future is NOW!

See here.

Saudi Arabia has become the first country to give a robot citizenship. So besides all the other human rights abuses brought up in the article, the real burning question is…

Can this robot citizen qualify for a boat loan?

She needs the permission of her RoboHusband to get a loan. And it’s one of those loans that’s de jure not a loan to keep it halal.

They can do that if they want, but I think if we do that over here the Robot should change its foreign Czech name into something more American.

Austrian. We gave citizenship to a robot with the Austrian name ‘Schwarzenegger’.

Not sure if whoosh or not but

But if they were thinking of granting citizenship to any of Mom’s robots (particularly one Bender Bending Rodriguez), they would run into a rather thorny conundrum: those robots are fueled by liquor!! How could they have a citizen that must keep constantly drunk to be able to work?!