Rocco's NYC Restaurant:Does He Get ItBack?

I just caught a re-run of the Rocco’s Restaurant Show…this is the episode where the guy who has all the money (Rocco’s partner/financier) comes in with his gang and checks the place out. He winds up bossing the staff around, while Rocco is away talking to the Culinary Institute grads. Was this the end of the line for Rocco? Does his ma continue making meatballs? And that hot waitress/trainee that they fired for scarfing a drink…did she file a claim against the restaurant?
I didn’t realize just how many people he had there…there was a bar manager, a floor manager, a maitre-de-hotel, a kitchen mananger, etc…how could you ever pay all of these people?
Anyhow, did Rocco lose his shirt on this venture? HOW profitable are most new restaurants, anyway? :confused:


Rocco’s restaurant to be sold or closed
Judge gave investors the go-ahead to get rid of the failing eatery