Rock and Roll loses another one [Kevin DuBrow]

Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow was found dead yesterday.


I’d heard that his metal health had been declining. :wink:

never a fan - but that is bad news…


In other rock death news, Casey Calvert, guitarist for Hawthorne Heights, died a couple of days ago. Possibly an asthma attack.

I was amazed that he had a full head of hair after all these years…

Damn…that’s some sucky news.

DuBrow threw a beer bottle at me once outside of L’Amour in Brooklyn. Missed, but I was picking shards of glass out of my hair for days. Good times, man…good times.

He didn’t - it was a rug or plugs - I can’t remember. A guy I know played guitar with Dokken (I think) and toured with Quiet Riot mentioned that there was a lot of hair-loss remedies competing…

Again - no intent to knock him - they had their day and he was a solid vocalist…sorry to hear…

The noize shall be felt no more.

Did anyone read the linked story on the page with this one? Kevin was apparently in poverty, living with his mother and unable to afford a car, or much of anything else. He had a legal judgment against him stemming from an incident where he injured a concert-goer by throwing another person on top of her, and was never able to pay it. He claimed that he didn’t even know about it, but he managed to get it reduced by about a hundred grand. Sadly, it seems that when this is investigated, the results aren’t going to be too pretty.

It’s a shame the fund raiser for Graft vs Host Disease ended in a riot.

I was a big fan of some of their stuff. R.I.P.

Fly on, Thunderbird, fly.

[Yes, I know that was for Randy. Still.]

Note: that linked story was from 1999.

I’m friends with her cousin. Just mentioned it to her today. She didn’t know. :frowning:

I met him once, about 11-12 years ago. He was quite pleasant and charming. I was interviewing the band, and he was gracious when I was surprised that they were still releasing albums. “Yeah, right into the bargain bin,” he joked.

I’m sad to hear about his death.

I’m sad to hear about his passing. I enjoyed QR back in the 80’s. They got me interested in Slade through their covers.

Not to speculate irresponsibly, but I wonder whether this will turn out to be a case of suicide a la Brad Delp?