Rock Instrumentals

EST. I’m not up until 5:30 AM though and wasn’t on until about 7:00 AM my time.

Oh, and if you like your rock instrumentals to be heavy on the cello, check out the covers by Apocalyptica.

The Pixies- Cecilia Ann
Great song.

Danny Gatton-88 Elmira St. (Dead now, he was called the greatest unknown guitarist)

The Hellecasters- The Hellecasters, The Hellecasters Escape from Hollywood (brilliant supergroup of studio guitarists.)

Jethro Tull – “Bouree”
The Bonzo Dog Band – “Jazz, Delicious Hot, Disgusting Cold” and “Doctor Jazz”
The Who – “Cobwebs and Strange”
The Dixie Dregs (AKA The Dregs) – Anything they did, since it was all instrumental. I’d suggest “Cruise Control” for a start.
Pink Floyd – “Atom Heart Mother”
Procul Harum – “Repent Walpurgis”
J. Geils Band – “Whammer Jammer”
Soft Machine – “Facelift,” “Slightly All the Time,” and “Out-Bloody-Rageous.”
Taj Mahal – “Ain’t Gwine Whistle Dixie (Any Mo’)” (live version)

King Crimson - Lark’s Tongue in Aspic, part II and Discipline

Sing it brother - the Humbler (one of his nicknames) was a Telecaster-playin’ monster. I just got a bunch of songs he recorded with rockabilly vocalist Robert Gordon - too much.

A couple more from Metallica:

The Call Of Ktulu, from “Ride the Lightning”
To Live Is To Die from “…And Justice For All”. This one isn’t purely an instrumental in that it has spoken words about 3/4 the way into the song. The speech is subordinated by the music, however, so unless you are paying close attention you don’t really hear it.

Jefferson Airplane had “Embryonic Journey” (probably better considered a ‘folk’ instrumental) and “Spare Chaynge.” Their number “Bear Melt” was also originally an instrumental number, with lyrics added when it was recorded for their live album.

Janis Joplin didn’t love enough to record vocals for the final track on her Lp “Pearl”, so “Buried Alive in the Blues” was left as an instrumental number (even though lyrics were written for it.)

“Ina Gadda da Vida” is pretty much an instrumental number (roughly 45 seconds worth of sung lyrics compared to 18 minutes of jamming). Likewise, “Dark Star” and “the Other One” by the Grateful Dead are mainly instrumental jams with very sparse lyrics.

Thanks guys. It seems like he has his list.

Don’t get me wrong - feel free to keep contributing just for fun - but he says he is content now.

Gotta have the Ventures on there somewhere.
And you gotta slip in In-a-gadda-da-vida. Not exactly a complete instrumental, but one of the more awesome drum solos, followed by a drum and organ duet.

Pink Floyd — (in addition to those already mentioned): Interstellar Overdrive; Echoes; Obscured by Clouds; A Saucerful of Secrets; Welcome to the Machine.

Yes — The Fish

Foreigner —Tramontane

Alan Parsons Project —Lucifer; I, Robot; In the Lap of the Gods; Hyper-Gamma-Spaces; The Gold Bug; Hawkeye

Umm, :smack:, “Welcome to the Machine” is rather compellingly not an instrumental.

Aerosmith’s “The Movie,” on Get a Grip (I think).

Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd
La Villa Strangiato - Rush
Strip and Go Naked - Alex Lifeson
Thje Fish - Yes
The Clap - Yes
A Dream Within A Dream - Alan Parsons Project
Genesis - Alan Parsons Project
Fire On High - ELO
The Six Wives of Henry VII(album) - Rick Wakeman

ummm… Run Like Hell ain’t instrumental… it IS great though!
Someone said Hocus Pocus… Gary Hoey’s cover is awesome, too
and I would add:
Losfer Words (Big Orra) - Iron Maiden
Chase the Ace and D.T. - AC-DC

OK, here is the final list he put together:

Threshold by Steve Miller
Jessica by Allman Brothers
Outa Space by Billy Preston
Black Mountain Side by Led Zeppelin
Toad by Cream
Journey of the Sorcerer by the Eagles
Frankenstein by Edgar Winter
Fire On High by ELO
Albatross by FleetwoodMac
Whammer Jammer by J. Geils
Beck’s Bolero by Jeff Beck
Glad by Traffic
Steamer Lane Breakdown by Doobies
Anji by Simon and Garfunkel
Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin
Soul Sacrifice by Carlos Santana
Wring That Neck by Deep Purple

sigh… “Echoes” is also not an instrumental. It’s mostly an instrumental, but the albatross still hangs motionless for a little while…

The second half of Free Bird is a classic. If you have a karaoke system, you might be able to supress the vocals on almost anything. Led Zep and/or Hendrix riffs rule :smiley: And don’t forget the immortal Inna Gadda Davida