Rock Is Dead

Why doesn’t some record label wise up and bring us back those heavy metal bands our speakers are craving to blast? At least Ozzy Ozborne’s “Crazy Train” had more substance than this “Brittney Spears/nsynch (n toilet)” stuff. [As David Crosby said “She’s about as deep as a bird bath!”]

What has happened to rock ‘n’ roll?
Craving some good electric guitar jams and good drumming…

  • Jinx

You and me both brother!! I’m sating myself by listening to Kill 'em All…and…Ride the Lightning…not much out there nowadays. I do dig some of the newer music, but nothing grabs me like good 'ol metal…

listen to some different music and stop listing to the radio. radio sucks. all that weak prefabricated bull$hit that wont matter in 2 months. i have changed my tastes in music because of radio. i only listen to alternative, progressive, and space rock now. metal sucks now more than ever. even the industrial metal is selling out. the best rock band out there now is radiohead. they are changing the way rock is made and percieved. definatly worth listing to. (just my opinion on the issue, hope no one is offended)

Don’t you see? Britney and N*Sync and BSB and all those other teeny-bopper groups are actually helping bring back rock’n’roll. But it’s not the rock we know and love. No, instead it is “teeny-bopper rock” that appeals to a broader audience. Nickelback, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Creed, and to a lesser extent koRn and Rob Zombie all have “it” - that certain undefinable something that can be mass-marketed to the 12-15 year olds that actually buy CD’s, who want to rebel, and who want to be a part of something.

Gone are the days of Led Zeppelin, the Doors, CCR - bands that really rocked. Even the ‘80s produced two of my all-time favorites - Metallica and Guns N’ Roses. Gone are the days of the “I don’t give a @#%" attitude; nowadays, it's "I give as little of a @#% as mommy and daddy let me.” Perhaps rock is dead, or maybe just comatose. Hell, GN’R is no more (at least, not the real GN’R) and even Metallica sold out. It’s all about the money these days.

I had a point at first, but then I got depressed thinking about the state of music today. Maybe I’ll finish this later on … right now, I think I’ll go write a real rock song.

As Neil Young once said, “Keep on rockin’ in the free world.”


Hey hey
My my
Rock and Roll
Will never die

Neil Young

It’s still alive, you just have to know where to look.

I imagine that something similar was uttered by somebody about 10 -12 years ago. Remember those days? Almost everything in music revolved around glam\hair metal bands. Actually, this makes me want to ask a question that has been eating at me. Winger: music industry punchline or decent band?

Anyway, after years of homogenization in the music industry, Nirvana broke through and changed the scene. The music industry is again in a period of homogenization, and it is just a matter of time before a new band comes along and breaks the monotony and starts a new period of homogenization.

System of a Down is pretty darn good.

It is there - it is just more underground and harder to find because it is not on MTV all day. Check out or for starters. If you want specific album suggestions there are several metal heads on the boards. Do a search on my username or Edward the Head and you will find them.

NP: Power Metal (Various Artists) - Symphony of Steele

Go to, download their free player, and listen to it. It’s so much better than the radio, and you will discover new, really awesome bands.

Yeah, I’ll agree with that. There are some bands out there that really rock, and SoaD would be one of them. But I still say the majority of “radio rock” these days sucks.


you’re not looking hard enough

Wilco, Jay Bennett, Radiohead, Robbie Fulks, Ryan Adams, JJ72, Toploader, Whiskeytown (admittedly, Pneumonia was shelved for awhile, but it still was released in the pat year), Travis, Coldplay, The Gourds, Lucinda Williams, Gorriaz,etc etc etc

Have all put out top-notch albums within the past two years. When Zep was out, there was still pap being squeezed through the airwaves - crap is a mainstay of music.

You just have to be able to wade through it.

If you want good metal, you have to forget about hearing it on the radio. The metal scene is alive and well, truely original bands like Opeth, Iced Earth, and In Flames are just waiting to be discovered. So do yourself a favor, and skip the radio, because you won’t find any metal there, not in these sad times. Rock on, brother.

Eww… In Flames sounds like the guys from Ratt wanted to sound more like Pantera, but htey keep the Ratt style vocals.

Well, pick up the latest Ozzy cd, Down To Earth. It’s pretty damned good. Also Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Savatage and Anthrax have new stuff out.


Ark, Racer X, Vega4 and Travis still rock. There is this awesome Japanese band called B’Z that has tons of great songs. I don’t know if they are still together though.
The only time I listen to the radio is when I’m driving and don’t have any tunes with me.