"Rock Star: Supernova" starts tomorrow! Who's watching?

Well who is?

I for one can’t wait! I absolutely detest “American Idol”, the contestants on that show don’t have anywhere near the talent that the contestants on Rock Star have.

Try giving a guitar to the final 10 Idol contestants and tell them to write and perform an original song and see what they come up with!

It will be pretty interesting to see if the format changes drastically seeing as the contestants are trying to join a band with no current catalog. I also wonder if the songs will be a lot more “heavy” than last year?

Anyway, I can’t wait!


I’m interested, but on the skeptical side. Since the last one had the benefit of a long-running band, it had a bit of a basis to start off on. This one is, and pretty much comes off as, a pretty obvious attempt at recreating the success of the first one. Granted, that explains the second season of all reality shows, but it would definitely help (in my opinion) if this season had a pre-existing band going in rather than forming a brand new one just for the show.

Storm Large? What kind of name is Storm Large?

Gorram Fox are liars, that’s all I can say. The teasers and promos we’ve been getting over here have been all but promising there’d be more than the one single, solitary Australian in the bunch this year.

But there’s not. And the dickhead they picked is possibly one of the least talented and least interesting people that they had in our “finals” show. But he looks pretty, so I guess that’s all they were concerned about.

So I’m all about the Icelandic love right now - Yay Magni!

The best part of the night was when Gilby Clarke told that one guy that he sucked (and he sure did suck). INXS was generally more pleasant.

I love Lukas already.

And the scary South African chick shudder

Well, yeah, AI gives its contestants truly crappy contracts. Rock Star, apparently, doesn’t.