Rock Stars vs. Life and real people.

I’m watching this MTV special on the “Rock Star Lifestyle” and I am seriously fucking pissed.

This shit really makes me sick! Christ! These assholes are on here saying shit about "Oh, well they spend so much time onb the road that they deserve whatever they get, including:

Make-as-you-want cars; built-to-order tour buses; whatever they want backstage and whatever they want in their hotel rooms.

Damn, they have it hard.

I tend to think that people such as myself, ** AirmanDoors**, and, if I recall correctly, Cartooniverse can totally not at fucking all relate to as we have served in the military … living far from home and family in service to our nation and our fellows.

I am just sickened. We’re supposed to feel sorry for them? They may have the stress of having fans, but well, who is a fan of the military??

Does anyone else actually see that we risk our lives for the way our friends and family live and we make spit compared to these goddamed “entertainers?”

Damn, I’m pissed!

The pretentious nature of the “rich and famous” and the total oblivious nature of our youth to the actual problems real people face … (Ok, that last part was a bit much.)

Well, you know what I mean, dammit.

Anyone able to comprehend what the hell I’m saying???

I think anyone who improves the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, even if it’s only by a little, deserves a lot.

Tell me about it. I teach.

I think when you come into money like that (By music, acting, etc) that a certain amount of guilt rides with you, because you basically “got lucky”, no matter how hard you may have worked at the goal. Thus you have to rationalize it saying how hard your life is, which I am sure isn’t easy, but for the money it can’t be so bad.

On a sidenote, maybe a minor hijack, I always assumed that guilt was the reason so many “artists” donated to charities, set up foundations, etc. Not being an “artist” or wealthy, I really can’t say.

OP, I understand where you are coming from. It isn’t fair at all. But throughout history, entertainers have always been the center of attention, while the people who protect the nation the entertainer lives in get the shaft.

Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons!
~Love me, hate me, make me live again… -Better Than Ezra

Don’t like it?

Then don’t buy the music.

Rock stars are a product of the music industry.

I’ve known plenty of musicians (including, well, me), who, through hard work and perseverance, managed to achieve a small modicum of success (meaning, I didn’t have a day job yet managed to stay only a few percentage points below the poverty line.) Try driving 5,000 miles in two weeks with seven other people in a Toyota station wagon and a trailer. Sleeping on floors.

I thank Allah for it every day, though.

People in the underground music scenes tend to have more realistic opinions of themselves. They realize that what they do is a choice, not an obligation, and that whatever success they might stumble across is pure luck, not entitlement.

The corporate music industry is another animal, though. If an artist is making millions of bucks for a record company, I can see how they might feel perfectly entitled to whatever Hammer of the Gods-type fantasy they might desire. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the way the system is set up. Mick Jagger or Fred Durst deserve their millions just as much as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates deserve theirs.

That’s why I love punk rock. I can talk to my idols. And they usually feel lucky if I let them sleep on my floor, eat my Mac & Cheese, or use my shower.

I love in the VH1 ‘Behind the Muzak’ episodes when they say ‘They turned to drugs and alcohol because of the stress’!

Yeah! That’s the ticket. It’s the stress!

Dude, not to shit on a good rant, but you do have a lot of fans. they just dont know who you are or buy merchandice with a picture of your ass on it, nor do you see the profit.
But your job is still appreciated.

Turning to drugs because of the stress? Bollox. they turn to drugs because they like getting out of their bin.
(note: this is not a rant about sleeping pill addicts or pain killer addicts. Those types are totally understandable. Stress can drive you to that, but not to suck on a glass dick.)

Ahhhh. I do feel better. Thanks all for listening to that. I was a pissed off and a little drunk, and I knew I could count on my fellow Dopers smack me for being an idiot and then hold my handand pat my head.


Gorgon Heap; The Inneffibly Maddened

I always think it would be much nicer if some of these rappers coughpdiddycough instead of throwing $100,000 on a party gave it to some family living in the ghetto.

Rock Stars are under no obligation to share their money with anyone. If P Diddy wants to spend 100,000 clams on a party, so be it. It would serve someone else better probably, but so would the $2,000 I’m spending on my trip to Europe or the $15 I spend on a case of Bud Heavy.


I believe being a successful musician could be very stressful. When on tour you have to travel a lot and put on a good performance every night or else risk turning fans and critics against you, when recording an album you have to do the same stuff over and over again, trying to get it perfect but never knowing if the album is going to be a hit or not. You are under constant public scrutiny, and whenever you go out in public there’s a good chance you will be confronted by some stranger who could be psychotic for all you know. Your work is criticized publicly, and you have no true job security.

I’d still love to be a rock star, but I don’t think it would be easy.

I’m going to have to agree with Batdz. Do you really think anyone’s life is easy and devoid of stress?