Rocker Ted Nugent threatens to assassinate President Obama

My only question for ‘debate’ here is…why do people care what celebrities think about, well, anything? Obviously this idiot is playing to all the people who care about what he thinks about Obama and politics. I suppose he could have been talking about some sort of revolution or race war or something if Obama is reelected, but it seems more likely that he was talking, out of his ass, about his valiant shooting or attempt to shoot Obama, throwing down his life in the defense of…well, of treason against the United States and the will of the people, assuming Obama does in fact get reelected (which I’m pretty confident will happen).

To me, this rises to the same level as celebrity idiots claiming (equally out of their asses) that they would leave the country if GW got reelected…well, no. I take that back. This is far more egregious and offensive, to be honest, even if it’s similar in kind (i.e. they were all talking out of their asses and playing up to people who actually care about what they have to say).

But why DO people care? My dad is a perfect, if over the top example of what I’m getting at. I go to see a movie and he asks me why I went and saw it. :confused: Well, because I wanted too, obviously. But, my dad explains, such and such the actor or so and so the actress is a LIBERAL. :eek: Um…so? I didn’t go see the movie because I cared a fig about the actor OR actress…hell, most of the time I don’t even know these people’s names or give a fig about their lives OR their positions on anything. They are just meat puppets to me, there for one reason and one reason only…to entertain me for an hour. For which I happily shell out my $10 for a ticket and mortgage the house for a soda and popcorn. I don’t CARE what their positions on politics or global warming are, or what they like to eat, or what movies or shows they like to see or anything else about them.

Segue…I DO happen to know who Teddy boy is. Never knew about his political leanings (obviously: pshcho) or what he does outside of entertaining me. And, sadly, he never even did THAT very well, so to me he’s a non-entity. The Secret Service should crucify him, after taking him to a brothel for one last fling I suppose…


Because Nugent is a vocal and very visible proponent of firearm ownership. If he says he will do something that puts him in jail or dead, prudence dictates it be investigated.

Oh, I agree completely. I can understand why the police or the Secret Service would care about a psycho threatening, even if it’s out his ass, the President. I think he should definitely be investigated, and if he has the means to carry out his threats he should be brought up on charges…or, at least smacked down to the full extent of the law.

What I meant was, in general, why does anyone else care what celebrities think or say when they aren’t doing psycho threats against the President?


The right make Obama out to be some kind of hardass, ideological purist marxist, which I don’t get (Obama is a fairly conservative democrat and not combative at all). He will probably respond to this by coming to Nugents defense or proposing another beer summit.

I wonder what the likes of Nugent and Coulter, et al would do when presented with a real ideologue.

More than some wingnut on the sidelines. Nugent is a board member of the National Rifle Association.

The Secret Service takes its job seriously but also knows that there are pretty loose parameters for satire and noncredible threats. If you say you’re going to kill the POTUS, you will get a visit from the SS, they will make you very uncomfortable for several hours, and, if they are satisfied you’re just an aging cock rocker talking out your ass to sell concert tickets, they will then leave.

BTW, he’s made more explicit threats before, including “Obama, suck on my machine gun.”

I imagine Nutgent’s been on somebody’s surveillance assignment for at least President Obama’s entire presidency. This will just make them watch him more closely, and that’s a good thing.

That “beating the draft” story makes me feel sorry for whoever has to watch him, though. Yuk, what a cretin.

This is not really a debate.

In order to allow the appropriate expressions regarding Nugent’s mindset or intelligence, I am moving this to The BBQ Pit.

Ever since I’ve heard of Ted Nugent, I’ve always assumed he’d be either dead or in jail in a year, so you know…

(My prediction, he’s involved in some sort of crossbow William Tell reenactment that goes horribly wrong.)

I think Nugent’s a repulsive piece of shit and always have, but the linked statement is given no context whatever. To whom did he make this statement, and what did he say immediately before and after?

Standing by itself, his statement could just as easily be an expression of the notion that he would somehow be targeted for arrest or elimination by the Obama regime for his ever-so-courageous opposition to the totalitarian Liberals. Which is, if anything, at least as daft as publicly calling for Obama’s assassination, but before I drew any conclusions (and if I really gave a damn what he thinks) I’d need to hear a bit more background.

In 2007 Ted Nugent said “Obama’s a piece of shit, and I told him to suck on my machine gun.” He went on to make some equally disturbing comments about Hillary Clinton.

Given his recent comments I think it could be said he is either suffering some mental problems or trying to incite violence of some type. The fact his latest comments have caught the attention of the Secret Service comes as no surprise to me.

When Ted is still alive in twelve months, (provided he has not died from ingesting bear shit in the woods), we can all point at him and laugh the way we, (well, many of us), pointed and laughed at the folks who insisted they would leave the country and/or surrender their citizenship if GWB was re-elected.

He made the statement to a meeting of NRA lobbyists, and he followed it up by stating that they should chop off the heads of the Democrats in November. No, he was not using a metaphor.

As a Life Member of the NRA, I condemn his position, his statements, and will be letting the NRA know that they can kiss any support from me in the future goodbye.

Nugent should be shipped off to Gitmo. Or shot as a traitor.

In another thread, people were talking about spending a whole lot of money to see some boy band. Got me thinking what might I spend that kind of money to see.

Steel cage death match, Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris. That I’d pay. Feel bad about later, of course. Eventually. Pretty sure.

Ted does not shoot at things that can shoot back. All bark.

I’m more outraged at Mitt’s non sequitur response.

Especially since the Reopubs seem to think Obama is personally responbsible for anything a Dem says anywhere on the planet. i.e. Hilary Rosen.

Particularlysince Mitt actively sought Ted’s endorsement and agreed to a pledge to get it. If Obama has to apologize for someone not officially part of his campaign or administration, when will Mitt comment on Ted’s remarks? I’m voting never, since no one will ask him about it.

Do you promise, Ted?

I’d say having the maturity of a 5 year old at the age of 63 is a mental problem.

Your link says they are doing an “appropriate follow up”. That might entail laughing their asses off while the arrange for the next group of hookers to show up.

At any rate, this is even more stupid than people threatening to move to Canada back in the Bush years. The guy is off his rocker, in a manner of speaking.

Mitt’s not a lunatic. I don’t know if he’ll proactively denounce this, but I have no doubt he’d do so if asked.

I’ll be curious to see if he is asked, and how often. For all the whining about the liberal MSM, it seems like Republican’s are more likely to get a pass on this sort of thing.

Could be my liberal bias showing through, though.