Rocker Ted Nugent threatens to assassinate President Obama

The Secret Service is looking in to it.

I went to a concert a few years ago where he was the opening act and, based on things he said then, I lost all respect for him and this statement doesn’t surprise me.

He either has a mental problem or he has the maturity of a 5 year old, not sure which.

Shit, I’m been hearing about him for years now! Remember way back, when I first heard that he didn’t do any drugs, I thought to myself now there is an excellent idea! if there’s anybody in the world who shouldn’t even risk de-caff, its him.

You know you have problems when you make Ann Coulter look like a bastion of class and sanity. Maybe he really does have cat scratch fever?

Wait, don’t we need to huffily demand of every single Republican in the country that they thoroughly denounce this nutbag if they want to maintain any credibility?

Ted Nugent is a chicken hawk and a loud mouthed idiot. Here’s hoping this lands him some prison time.


He hasn’t had a decent album in years, off to Gitmo with his @ss.

:stuck_out_tongue: What’s the debate here? That he’s a loon, or…what?


Why can’t it be both?

They have credibility?

Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering…er…OH CRAP!!



Er, maybe its clearer in context, but I can’t really see how the quoted text is a statement that he’s going to assassinate Obama.

But in anycase, what’s the debate? If this is just a “rockstar says some crazy stuff” thread, you should probably as a mod to move it to Cafe Society.

I do not see it as an assassination threat either.

Considering this guy dodged the draft I have little faith in his bluster.

It isn’t, and I hope the investigation is brief and de rigeur. That being said, Nugent’s a untalented loudmouth asshole (and a federal investigation would only make the latter two qualities worse), and his comments about Hillary Clinton in 2008 were considerably more disgusting. I’ll give him a little credit for having a sense of humor about himself in his Simpsons guest appearance earlier this season.

Hey as long as he doesn’t harm anyone else (especially the president), I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what that fool does post election. Dead or imprisoned? Knock yourself out, Uncle Tedly. But if you aren’t dead or in jail at this time next year, you’re a coward, a liar and a punk.

He made lots of other statements very clearly calling likeminded individuals to violent action. He compared Obama to a coyote pissing on your couch, saying “it’s not the coyote’s fault, it’s yours for not shooting it.” He also told NRA members they had to get everyone they know involved, so they can “chop of his head in November.” Add to that the (in my opinion) extremely damning and retarded “I’ll be dead or in jail if he wins” comment, and its easy to see his threats aren’t even veiled. The guy’s a basketcase.

You know, if it gets so that they can put you in jail just for crazy, a lot of us here will be looking over our shoulders. And not just the paranoids!

Absolutely inappropriate.

The charitable explanation is that he is picturing protest of some kind, civil disobedience – but then why would he be dead?Suicide at the prospect of another four years? Please.

No, it’s absolutely correct for the Secret Service to look into it and take whatever action their interview results suggest. If nothing else, he’s promising he’ll do something illegal, for which the consequences would be jail. That’s terrible, a terrible thing to tie to the election results.

He may have a mental problem but he definitely has the maturity of a 5 year old.
The guy wrote a freakin’ song called Wang Dang Sweet Poontang for Christ sake.

Actually, I’m starting think he might try smoking something. It might do him some good.