Ted Nugent, subhuman mongrel

'Nuf sed. That is all.

Dammit Ted. Stop ruining Stranglehold for me.

Too bad his prediction never panned out.

You know who else who used the terms subhuman mongrel?

Actually, it fits this time.

Dear Mr. Nugent:

You are embarrassing the whole community of American rock musicians.

And that takes some doing!

A pants shitting draft dodger who once convinced a family to sign over legal guardianship of their 17 year old daughter so he could fuck her.

Hey, if you want to associate and use this guy to fire up your base, go for it, but the rest of us are going to laugh at you.

So last year an MSNBC host has a guest on her show who makes a joke at the expense of the Romney family in regard to an adopted black child, and the right wing calls for her resignation and she (an African American, no less) is forced to tearfully apologize for her guest’s comments.

But a right-wing gun nut calls our mixed-race president a “sub-human mongrel,” and a Republican gubernatorial candidate actually hits the campaign trail with him while a U.S. Senator defends these words by saying the president’s Hollywood friends have also probably said some “extreme things,” AND the Republican Party-supporting National Rifle Association continues to keep him on its board?

Sounds about right. The GOP is doing an excellent job of becoming a party that caters to a very specific type of voter. Nugent is just doing what he can to facilitate that as fast as possible.


Add in that despite “apologizing” he won’t apologize to Obama… and that some uncountable number of follower/party drones are smugly nodding at the comment.

I understand now why he’s a bowhunter. Even other rednecks realize he’s too stupid to be trusted with a gun.

We are not worthy!

In the finest tradition of rock musicians! (See Jerry Lee Lewis.)

Ted’s a cretinous shitbag.

Yeah, I love how his apology for using the term “sub-human mongrel” is directed at the Republican politicians who may have suffered because of their association with him, and not the guy he actually called a “sub-human mongrel.”

He may as well have said "I’m sorry this country is so full of pussies who find it offensive when someone calls a black man a ‘sub-human mongrel.’ "

That guy must make what, $10-15 every time he pops up in the media and gets some drugged out shitbag to think “Man, I need to get me some Nuge!”.

The bonus possibility is that doing things like this is probably the only way he can get it up.

Perhaps, but he can make the pussy purr with a stroke of his hand. That should count for something.

Sorry, Jerry Lee’s marrying a 13-year-old girl and staying with her for 13 years was undoubtedly shocking for the 1950s, but it was hardly a sex crime. And he was a major believer in the institution of marriage, or he wouldn’t have been married seven times. :mad:

The Nugent affair is solid gold for Wendy Davis, who is now being indignant about this affront to family values. :smiley:

I liked the “. . . not necessarily to the President, but on behalf of better men than myself”.

I don’t think he understands the actual meaning of the terms ‘necessarily’, ‘on behalf’ and ‘better men’.

Well, in Nugent’s case, “better men” would constitute 99.999% of the male population, so it’s actually a pretty sweeping apology.

No, that guy had surgery and became the Worlds Biggest Twat. It’s just Ted now.

People are surprised that a man who thought that “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” was intelligent lyricism says something both racist and extremely stupid?


I was surprised that he hadn’t said something like this SOONER.

Yeah, but who the hell can’t do that??