Ted Nugent, subhuman mongrel

And Perry, apparently, finds the word “mongrel” the unacceptable one.

So who is he not apologizing on behalf of? Ted Cruz?

Plus Ted is so stupid he can’t even get his racist terms right. Obama is a mulatto, not a mongrel. Sheesh.

Obama has publicly referred to himself as a “mutt”; I respect him for that.

Ted “Relevent” Nugent. He’s burning up the charts with his powerful 35 year old radio hit!

Then he’s a mulutto. Or a muttato. Take your pick!

You say mulutto; I say muttato…

Great, now I am thinking about hash browns with diced tomatoes. Good job.

Off to Waffle House, then.

Say hi to all the subhuman mongrels! :slight_smile:

I can co-exist with them at Waffle House. At Waffle House, we are all equally hungry and ready to sacrifice our health. Not so at Wal Mart, however.

Smothered, covered, and diced, baby.

I shall pray for your arteries.

And mine.

STOP! I might really have to go there and eat! The temptations of pre-killed meats that didn’t get my hands dirty…OVERWHELMING!

The man is smart enough to know that his association with Republicans costs them lots and lots of votes. So, why does he do it? There can be only one possible reason…he is simply unable to control his base political instincts. He has political Tourettes.

As someone that used to lean that way, I don’t think he is that smart. I think he has crossed over to the realm of batshit crazy. And I support many of the things he believes in, just not the way he phrases it nor his interpretation.

So, you wouldn’t refer to a person of color * ‘subhuman’?

  • Can we still use “person of color”?

Huh. When you’re talking about how you have to “elevate [your] vernacular” to the likes of Rick Perry, you know you might need a speech and debate class or two . . .

You are one of the many conservatives who would say things the way Nugent says them if you thought it wouldn’t cost your party elections? You are happy he is the one who says them, so you don’t have to? You are happy he says it, and excuse it by saying he has become crazy. If he weren’t crazy, he wouldn’t say it, but you agree with it, you just wouldn’t say it that way…

how would you say it, what terms would you use?

One of the recent talking points by the R’s, after a little cozy conference, was that Obama cannot be trusted.

To do what? or, not to do what? What evidence do you have that he has violated his oath of office?

Here is what it is…R’s, C’s, look at Obama, see a black man before them, one who identifies with the D party, and just ‘know’ that nothing the man says will be something with which they can agree. Nothing he suggests will be something they can support…

Then when he helps put together a plan, such as the ACA that is mainly R ideas of how to get the job done, what can be their only response? “You can’t trust Obama”. “don’t believe anything he says…” 'He might be doing exactly what we would do if we were in his position, but DON"T TRUST HIM!!!, he is a liar and a cheat, you can tell…just by looking at him…

Obama directs the immigration people to return 2 million illegals to their homelands…and R’s, C’s cry, "Don’t believe what he is doing…Don’t trust him! He just wants to flood the country with illegals and make them citizens so the D’s will get elected to more offices! DON"T TRUST HIM. Believe what we say, not what he does!