rocket-propelled grenades

What are rocket-propelled grenades fired from? What do these things look like? I see larged bored things below the barrell of some rifles and then these that roundish fat diamond shaped thing (usually green) that people fire off in movies from some device you place on your shoulder. What are those?

The first item you mention is a grenade launcher. On US M16s, it fires a 40mm anti-personnel grenade. Useful out to IIRC about 50 yds and good against people & light vehicles, useless against tanks or bunkers. For more details, google on “M203.”

The second item you mention is the classic RPG. “RPG” isn’t really a very descriptive name for the thing, but that’s what it’s called, so we’re stuck with it.

It’s essentilly the modern version of the WWII bazooka, an unguided weapon for infantry to use against tanks & bunkers. You’ve got a lightweight hollow launch tube and a rocket with a shaped-charge warhead on the end. Point it at the taget, pull the trigger & Whammo, probable dead tank. Unless you miss; they don’t always fly real straight. Effective range is maybe 100 yds.

The ones with the fat diamond-shaped warhead are of Russian manufacture, have a long shelf-life and are very cheap. Hence their popularity with insurgents worldwide. For more details, Google on “RPG-7”.

Rocket propelled grenades are fired from…rocket propelled grenade launchers?

I think the first thing you are referring to is called an M203. It’s not a rocket propelled grenade - it’s a lot like a big shotgun cartridge firing an explosive head.

The second thing you are referring to sounds like an RPG-7. RPG stands for rocket propelled grenade, although it was probably originally raketnaya propellya grenate, or something Russian. Originally designed to take out tanks and equally good at smashing bunkers and low flying helicopters.