Rocketeer finishes some busts

The yearly sci-fi and fantasy model contest at the superlative Galaxy Hobby is coming up fast, and the impending deadline has been a great motivator to finish up some little projects.

After a friend showed me a set of three droll and grotesque villain busts he’d purchased from a guy named Troy McDevitt, I had to have my own. Last week I finished painting them, and here are the members of The Conspiracy. (They look better in person; I used flash, which is just brutal):

Madame Moo-Nai, oriental assassin:

Monsieur Crane, explosives expert:

and The Czar, mad criminal mastermind:

At Wonderfest, I purchased another lovely bust by Mr. McDevitt, which I just recently finished painting:

As always, what you show us looks amazing.

So he sells bare plaster and you paint it yourself? Like miniatures come bare pewter and you paint them; same kinda thing?

Oh wow!

I started a bust last night, but doubt I’ll ever finish it.

Yep. Bare polyurethane resin, actually, cast in silicone rubber molds. The technology is simple enough that you could produce kits in your garage, hence the term “garage kits”. :slight_smile:

Seriously? What subject? Do persevere, and post pics when you’re done.

I like the Clint Eastwood bust, and the one that looks a bit like Gene Hackman.

Pretty sure that’s Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor.