Rocky Horror

IT’s that time again, Haloween…Anyone know of any TV stations or midwest theaters (Detroit Metro) that is going to show the movie?

No, but the movie is available on DVD and video. If you can’t find a theatre and don’t want to put up with the edits, go rent/buy it.

I can’t IMAGINE seeing it on TV–97% of the experience is seeing it with an audience.

What’s the other 3%?:confused:

If it’s not available live in the theatre (or if, as in Madison, the cast SUCKS) then watching it on TV is better than not watching at all. I wouldn’t bother watching a commercial edit, but the DVD is fun. It has a lot of features and I’ve done the movie so many times in the theatre I can pretty much put myself there by myself so it’s all good.

Here’s an idea…Get the DVD and throw a Rocky party.

Pig lips, chicken entrails, gravel, wood chips and “foreign matter”.

Best when eaten with an RC Cola and a Moon-Pie!

Delta-32 Skee-doo!

blasphmer, try asking at alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror.

Too bad you’re not around here, there’s a theater in Fairfax that still has midnight shows.

As for finding a theater, I would try googling. It’s worked for me!

Try your local alternative newspapers, the same ones that might carry The Straight Dope. If anyone around is playing it, they’d likely advertise in it.

I think VH1 aired it Halloween night last year. They might again, or maybe Comedy Central or SciFi…

Hey, I’m a Metro Detroiter too, so if you throw that party, let me know.

I’d have to wager a substantial sum that RHPS rates as the highest audience participation level movie of all time. If not that, certainly the highest audience.

There are others?

What are the titles of the other audience participation movies?

I don’t mean just “cult” movies, I mean a movie where the audience has become part of the show. I don’t think there is any other. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is unique.

Shock Treatment doesn’t count.

Well, there are sing-along versions of The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz but AFAIK RHPS is the only movie where this level of audience participation evolved organically.