Rocky Horror

It was a bad movie the first time I saw it.

The second time it was slightly worse, and boring to boot.

If you’ve seen it more than twice, get a hobby.

If you dress like one of the characters and go see it every weekend, you are a pathetic loser in desperate need of a life.

That is all.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

A cyber dope slap to anyone who disagrees with Aura on this one.

I’m not a Rocky Horror fan, but why the hell would you see it a second time if you hated it so damn much?

Well, then you can both slap me till my monitor is bruised.

I have no idea how many times I’ve seen that movie, but I went faithfully every weekend from March 1992 until I actually did get a life sometime in 1997. I met my best friends (who all now have lives, themselves) and my husband (who, without me, would still not have a life) at Rocky.

I used to play Columbia. I’ve shouted the participation lines so many times I still wake up screaming them on occasion. I still know all the words to all the songs, including the extra stuff that was included in my 15th anniversary collection.

So what’s the big deal? I got to parade around in skimpy clothes when I was still thin enough to look cute in them, and I got to marry the only guy in the place who had the bod to be Rocky.

I guess the person who has no life might be the person who’s over 21 and has never been to Rocky, and who can’t find anything else to do on a Saturday night. Hmmm?

I just don’t know if I can like you anymore, Auraseer! :wink:

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

Auraseer and WallyM7:
FUCK YOU :slight_smile:

If Rocky Horror is such a crappy movie, then why is it the biggest cult phenomenon in the world, with showings and fan clubs all over the globe? Maybe you were just too uptight to join in; without audience participation there’s not much point to the show.
This is my Rocky Horror Webpage For Virgins: I think you’d better both. . . come inside, and get into the groove of RHPS.


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Accent on “cult”.

I don’t think anyone actually accused Rocky Horror of being a good movie, guys! :slight_smile:

If either of you are MST3K fans, then perhaps you should think of some other possible subconcious reasons for the movie to not sit well with you. :wink:
But seriously, the audience makes the movie, just like the guy and the robots make MST3K. It’s all a big heckle fest, but a little wilder and more fun than the average black and white Sci-Fi movie. If you didn’t have a good audience, that’s unfortunate. Perhaps the good audiences have faded off with time.

I can sing most of the songs from the movie but find it virtually impossible to get through them without adding the appropriate heckles aloud, even if I’m alone.

But I’ve seen… much better movies blue skies

Chief Crunch, the second time I saw the movie was under duress. A couple of my classmates absolutely could not believe that I didn’t like it, and dragged me to another showing; they kept saying things like, “It’ll grow on you if you let it.” Yeah, so will fungus.

Cessandra… where do I begin?

First off, you’re the only person to ever call me ‘uptight’. Of all the adjectives that might describe me, that’s not one of them.

You say, “without audience participation, there’s not much point to the show.” Well, here’s a news flash: there’s not much point with participation, either. The problem is that everyone already knows the lines and actions, which are exactly the same every time; it’s hard to get excited about any show if you always know what’s going to happen next.

And FYI, I did participate my second time. Not half-heartedly either, but in full voice. This didn’t add anything to the experience. (However, it did score me a few free beers afterward, from some strangers whom I’d impressed with my volume; at the top of my lungs, I was far louder than anyone else in the theater, including the film.)

Next, popularity does not necessarily indicate value or quality. The Jerry Springer show is one of the highest rated on TV, for crying out loud!

Finally, Rock Horror has only the second biggest cult following in the world. First place is held by some Jewish dude who got nailed to a tree 2000 years ago. :wink:

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

ChrisCTP, if you want to wear skimpy clothes, who needs an excuse? Wear what you feel like, no movies necessary.

Undead Dude, I do like MST3K. But what if every episode included the exact same movie, and they heckled it in exactly the same way each time? That would get boring very quickly, wouldn’t it? It would have become exactly like… Rocky Horror! (gasp!)

BTW, Cess: if you’re going to come out and say “fuck you” in bold capital letters, why bother with the smiley? This is the Pit, so if you wanna flame me, you go right ahead.

I remember doing the Time Warp …

Tim Curry was a genius and the music kind of grows on you after a while, but otherwise you’re right. As a movie, “Rocky Horror” sucked.

As an experience, however, it bears some resemblance to the SDMB, in that:

  1. virgins (newbies) risk getting roasted if they don’t know what they’re doing;
  2. participation is encouraged, but only if you follow certain rules;
  3. it attracts weirdos, misfits, free-thinkers and non-thinkers; and
  4. it can be habit-forming.

One good thing I’ve found about RHPS, is you can get laid fairly easily if you participate.

So what if you’ve got croutons and rice in your hair, your getting laid.

By the way, I was a windshield wiper.

I only saw it on TV so I didn’t get to experience it with others, but I laughed my head off. Of course, I love Tim Curry so that helped. I can’t imagine someone as humourless as Tom “Pepsodent” Cruise doing that!

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ChiefScott’s right, as usual. I did the Rocky Horror thing when I was young, in the mid-late '70s…the best part was the air of open sexuality, the feeling that almost any combination was possible. Also, there was lots of cheap, powerful acid coming in from California at the time. Having it whang-zanging around the skull while you had a 18-year-old freshman lady swinging her legs from her perch on your lap and wearing spike heels, stockings, and suspender-belt…[scuse me while I have a warm recollective moment].

It’s dispiriting that a bout of Rocky Horror may be the only time that teens and early-20s types get to HAVE that feeling, these days. So I’d hate to be a meanie about it.


Because I didn’t mean it, Auraseer. I wasn’t actually annoyed at you, and I didn’t want you to become annoyed at me. If you don’t like Rocky, that’s fine. I still think it’s fun.

I bet it would be more enjoyable on 'cid. :wink:

I’m sure the producers of this little gem get together once in a while to gloat. I just know one of them said something like:

“Can you believe it? Who would have thought this little stinker would become such a cash cow?
Instead of us entertaining them, they entertain themselves. And we charge them for it! God, I love this business!”

One thing I found, in the early 80s, is that if you dress as Dr. Scott the theatre staff lets you get the best seat. But the wheelchair is a slight bit awkward.

Also, no one dresses as the Criminologist.

Jeez, I really was a boring old fart at a very tender age…

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Well, it isn’t the same every time, and if you were bored the second time, you weren’t bored simply due to repetition. I have certain MST3K episodes on tape, and some of them are funniest upon watching for the 5th or 6th time (like Teenagers from Outer Space and Santa conquers the Martians).

RHPS is a social event for which the movie is simply a focus. If it didn’t appeal to you, mebbe it’s not your social crowd. RHPS is optimized for the high school drama crowd and its alumni. If you wouldn’t like that crowd IRL, then it makes sense that the RHPS wouldn’t be that much fun for you.

In that regard I think it is ironic to say that the folks who dress in character have no life, because they at least have a close knit social group, and a lot of people have less life than that.

The whole POINT of Rocky Horror is that it’s a stupid movie. Making fun of stupidity is FUN! As far as I’m concerned, I predated cultural phenomenoms like Bevis & Butthead and MST3K by years! (Light years by Hollywood standards!)

I enjoyed Rocky for years and will go again soon just to piss you nonbelievers off!!!

Yer pal,