Rod Roddy, The Price Is Right announcer, has died.

I heard about it on the radio this morning, and here’s an article about it.

Evidently, he had colon and breast cancer.

Wow, that was my favourite show as a kid. I’ve been wondering for awhile how long Bob Barker is going to be able to keep doing that show, too. Last time I tuned in he was really looking kind of worn down.

Bye-bye, guy in the sequined jacket.

Maybe this will help draw more public attention to the fact that men can get breast cancer.

Damn, that man knew how to dress! Sad to think that the Price Is Right has changed…

Oh, phoo. I really liked that guy. Never knew his name, but loved the clothes.

I remember when Rod’s predecessor, Johnny Olsen, died. He was the one I grew up with, and though he seemed irreplacable, Rod did a great job filling his shoes (though the clothing style was all his own). Sad news.

That leaves Porter Waggoner as the King of the Sequins.

I remember Rod being the announcer for Soap.

What amazes me is how Bob has outlasted both of his major announcers. Man, the guy has vitality…

But I remember Rod from his Press Your Luck days (the first time I’d ever heard of him). He’ll be missed, I’m sure.

And a booming voice was heard from the heavens,

“Rod Roddy! C’mon up!”

Rod Roddy voiced a few commercials for us back in the mid-80’s.
He was a down to earth easy going guy.

He’d be in town twice a year visiting friends.
He’d call up and ask if we had any voice work. I’d tell him sure…for $50. By God, he’d show up.

Voiceover work in LA paid a LOT more, but he said we helped make his visits turn into business expenses.

Take it easy, Rod.

I thought that those suits were gaudy as hell, but I loved them :slight_smile:

I’m gonna miss him. I’m really gonna miss him.

He always seemed to be having so much fun in his work. The show won’t be the same.

I hope they bury him in one of the shiny jackets. You don’t build an image for nothing.

This reminds me of Bob Barker in happy gilmore.

Happy Gilmore: knocks out Bob Barker “The Price Is Wrong, bitch!"
Bob Barker: wakes up, chokes Happy and knocks him down I think you’ve had enough.
Happy Gilmore: Attempts to get up
Bob Barker: “No? Kicks him in the face Now you’ve had enough . . .bitch.”

I think it would be great if he could take the place of St. Peter.

That way when you die there is a lage crowd of people standing outside the pearly gates and Rod could be there saying

“Zebra, Come on down, you’re the next contestant on Am I going to Heaven?” Then you know my heart would be weighed against a feather or something like that.

You know it just occured to me. How would you make gates out of pearls?