Rod Stewart playing with Cheap Trick this summer

So I see Rod Stewart is touring with Cheap Trick this summer. I’m going, because I love Cheap Trick…but does anyone know what I can expect from Rod? I thought he was only doing the old-timey standards stuff these days. Anyone know if he does any of the older stuff (I liked him with Faces and the early solo stuff). Either way I’ll be going to the show, just curious what I can expect from Rod.

Is this a thing with Cheap Trick? Touring with acts whose fans don’t really intersect with their own? The last time I saw them it was with Pat Benatar of all people.

I can see there some overlap in their fan base with Pat Benatar–for example, me. I’ve seen Cheap Trick with lots of bands, like Alice Cooper and Poison. At that last show, it seemed everyone was only there for Poison and didn’t care one bit about Cheap Trick.

Me too. Especially their first album. That thing rocks.

It’s a shame Bun won’t be on drums. :frowning:

yeah…what exactly was the ‘falling out’ about? Wikipedia says “the dispute centered on the number of appearances the band would make at the Paris Las Vegas hotel”, but it seems like there has to be a lot more to that story to break up a band that had been together as long as these guys.

Have you seen this article?

I had not…thanks!

What a coincidence. I’ve been playing the shit out of Cheap Trick the last couple days. I was out in the Desert with the dogs and some came on (the USB groups all tracks by the same artist together) and I was like, “Whoa! I remember this song!”, then the next one and the next one. All solid rockin’ stuff.

This was a GREAT band back in the day. Still pretty good, seen em play on TV a few years ago. A little worse for wear, but still worth a listen.

Have fun at the show!

That definitely like an odd combo. Has Rod Stewart done much rock since the late 1970s when he went disco?

I happen to love Young Turks as a pop song but it could be a song by any of the popular MTV bands of the early 80s.

I know he had his standards phase in the 1990s and he’s been completely off my radar since then.

My kid was doing that, and as I walked past his laptop, he paused “I Want You To Want Me” and asked “So did these guys ever do a studio album? Every single song I hear on the radio or online is live…”

“… from Budokon”, I had to answer.

Police his Dreams, In Color. He’ll be in Heaven Tonight.

That essentially was my initial question—will he do any rock? Has no one at the Straight Dope seen Rod Stewart in recent years? I thought surely someone around here would have, but it’s looking more and more like that may not be the case.

This page might be helpful.

It is…I forgot all about that site. Thanks.

It looks like his sets try to fit a little bit of everything from his career.