Rod Stewart: Spit or Swallow

When I was a freshman in an Ohio High School, circa 1982, Rod Stewart played our local arena. Soon after, the rumor started that Rod had to be rushed to the hospital after the concert to have his stomach pumped. The reason? Supposedly, a lot of guys thought him sexy and just came to let him know.

Later I met a guy who grew up in California, and he heard the same story around the same time when Rod’s tour hit his town.

Can anyone else verify this Urban Legend?

“Stop the rope and let me in or I’ll go out and get some gin”

Here you will find that nearly every famous person ever in the history of the world has had this legend attatched to them. The list is so big, I was surprised that my name wasn’t on it. It’s hooey. Really.

Rod Stewart was actually first on their list. What I’m curious about is the timing. I wonder if he was the first “rock star” to be associated with this? The list mentions Bowie as well, so maybe not.

“Stop the rope and let me in or I’ll go out and get some gin”

Funny, when I was in high school (late 80s), the same rumour was passed around, except about Jon Bon Jovi, not Rod Stewart.

I wonder which Backstreet Boy is getting the same treatment these days…

Both Rod stewart and Elton john. Oh yeah, the plane had to make an emergency landing so they could be rushed to the hospital.

I heard it with Bon Jovi too. I seem to remember him going on MTV with a lookalike saying that he was the gay one; however, I can’t remember seeing it or if it was pure conjecture. I seem to remember it in my mind’s eye anyway. :slight_smile: The stupid thing about the cum-swallowing is that it is digestible and makes for a nice treat. Anyway, I think it was all hooey. I have a friend who in the 70’s did over 50 people and just threw up a bunch of cum later. Gross but true. In the 70’s gay men were real sluts.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

I heard the same story about Rod Stewart in 1979. I can’t belive he was dumb enough to do it again three years later!

The lastest incarnation has involved Li’l Kim.

Now I wanna know if the Sheryl Crow pornstar UL is true :slight_smile: