Rodney Dangerfield wants a clone!

How to keep up with the Jonses in 21st century Hollywood? Daily Botox injections? Fully equipped Hummers? Try clones.

This trend-watch report courtesy the CEO of the world’s “first human cloning company.”

Clonaid’s Dr. Brigitte Boisselier says she has talked to comic Rodney Dangerfield and “other celebrities” about her firm’s advertised services, which include the cloning of human babies. (To date, Clonaid claims to have pulled off five such births.)

The tie-tugging Dangerfield met with the would-be clone-making firm a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of producing his own little laboratory-manufactured bundle of joy, Dangerfield’s publicist confirms. Clonaid says the confab occurred at Dangerfield’s California home.

Boisselier made headlines last December 27 when she announced her firm, an offshoot of a Canadian-based sect, the Raelians, that believes Earth was created by UFOs, had helped an infertile couple give birth to their own clone, a baby girl named Eve.
“They said they could create a clone of Rodney by taking a swab of cells from Rodney’s cheek,” she says in the Post. “When we asked how much it would cost, they said they wouldn’t charge us anything.”

Check this out for full details:

What do you think?

I think Rodney’s losing it.

Well, I’ve just lost ALL respect for him.

You have to admit that Rodney is funny. But he ain’t going to get respect from me either!

I aw an interview on Entertainment Tonight (by accident, I never watch that show) and saw him talking about this very issue. Very weird.

He is 80 something. Jimminy Christmas why isn’t he retired?
He has a ton of advertising on the web to be contracted for parties and comedy clubs etc… Is he poor?

[Greta Garbo] “I vant to be a clone . . .” [/Greta Garbo]

I would like to pre-emptively disallow all respect I might ever have for any potential Dangerfield clone…


But can’t you just see a little googly eyed baby floating in a jar pulling at an imaginary tie.