ROFL!!! I need one of these for my kitchen. is one of my favorite places to poke around for goofy-ass stuff. Check out this egg separator:

Here is the description from their newsletter:

*You must check out the Peter Petrie Egg Separator. Shaped like a man’s head, this ceramic device is used to separate egg yolks from whites. Crack an egg in, tilt it, and watch the white part drip THROUGH THE NOSTRILS. How sweet! *

Oh. Mah. God. I have to get one of these.


Somehow it reminds me of my grandfather.

Well, that put me off my breakfast this morning… :eek:

You know, I’ve never had a need to separate eggs; but I’d buy one of these and find a reason. That is indeed too cool.

And to think my dad could never stand those puking cow coffee creamers we’d always see while on vacation.

I must have

'snot very appetizing.

Hey! Management secrets! I think I just figgered out how this outfit I work for is run.

Damn, Opal, this is the greatest site ever! I love crap! Why’ve you been keeping this a secret?


It is a great site. I bought this a while back and it’s so damn great. it’s on the back of my toilet and I play it every time I go!

One man’s crap is another man’s fertilizer.

Speakin of crap, I was teased mercilessly by everyone who came to my place when I bought one of these pet doors. I didn’t mind taking their crap…cuz it sure beats cleaning up a pile of it when stuck in traffic & unable to get home from work in time to let em out.

I think you just solved all my Christmas shopping problems for the next five years. Bless you.

do a search for “pooper keychains” ROFL

Holy shit that site is a goldmine!

Thanks much Opal

When you buy something, you get email with the subject something like “thank you for your stupid order”

I have this fork, and it ROCKS. I use it to steal stuff off my husband’s plate at Olive Garden and it gets some strange looks.

I can’t believe how insanely amazing is. I believe I am speechless.


I laughed for nearly five minutes looking at thet egg seperator.

Omg, I actually own one of these. Soooooooooo cute!

I bought my egg seperator! 'Snot really something I need, but I can definitely put it to good use, because 'snot easy for me to seperate my yolks from my whites without making a big snotty mess! Thanks, Opal!