Roger Ebert STILL Giving Reviews?

Years after, they’re still using his name to distort and mislead… How can he rate a movie he’s never seen?

This world is one big fraud…

I think that rating is from his website which is obviously run by other people now. But it should indicate that or maybe they assume everybody knows he’s dead.

It refers to the website, which is still doing reviews. Anyone for whom the review would have any meaning would know this.

well some people think Elvis is still alive and he died in 1977

I hear that he, Tom Clancy and Virginia Andrews all hang out together and proof-read each others’ work.

recent Tom Clancy books list his name but also list the actual author of the book:

I did a search for a movie someone mentioned, and had I not known much about Ebert, I would have thought “Oh, he recommends it”.

This is evil marketing. Why not use Matt’s name instead?

I don’t get it. If you don’t know enough about Ebert to know that he’s dead, why would you be influenced by his movie reviews?

That site seems to contain many movie reviews. Each review is credited to someone who apparently wrote it, right there on the front page of the site. You can’t click the review without seeing the name of the reviewer.

In other news, Duncan Hines did not personally prepare the cake mix you bought yesterday, nor did Henry Ford have anything to do with the construction and sale of the automobile parked down the block from me. Neither was King Arthur involved in the creation of the flour on the grocery store shelf. Shocking! Misleading! Someone should DO something! :slight_smile:

I recently found out Betty Crocker is not a real person!! :slight_smile:

She and Mavis Beacon live together. Very happy, I hear.

I doubt most are going to look at a movie’s date, and then think “Hmmm, I wonder if he was alive” or “I wonder if it was someone else named Matt posting this on his site, even though it doesn’t use his name”… Using “King Arthur” is a silly analogy.

It is very misleading, and I pity you for being silly about it.

I have seen it listed as on other sites

What I did was to simply type the movie title on the address bar, and it automatically used Google, which is the #1 search engine, followed by YouTube, which is owned by Google…

You have a very low bar for “evil.”

Someone’s being silly, that’s for sure.

Surely you mean Robin Hood? :dubious: :confused:

Maybe you should ask Cecil Adams what he thinks about this very important matter.

As long as Walter Elias Disney is still hand-drawing every single Mickey Mouse cartoon, I know the world is a safe place.

I’ve heard of King Arthur flour, but I’ve never heard of Robin Hood flour. :confused:

There is such a thing, I assure you:

I, on the other hand, had never heard of King Arthur flour until now! :eek: :frowning:

I heard Aunt Jemima doesn’t really make pancake syrup.