Roger Goodell Booed

Last night it seemed to me when Roger Goodell took the stage for the Lombardi Trophy celebration, he was not just booed, but viciously booed.

Hope there is a factual answer to this, but…why was he booed?

Obviously a very pro-Patriots crowd, and they hated Goodell for coming down hard on the Pats and Brady in particular over “deflategate”.

This, as well as the fact that Goodell is seen as a petty tyrant even to Pats haters.

Every atom that makes me up is charged with antipathy for the Patriots, and even I will say that Brady did nothing wrong and Goodell screwed them because to do otherwise would be to admit that the pudgy dough-faced emperor has no clothes.

This isn’t unusual for commissioners, by the way. Bettman has been booed at every Stanley Cup presentation, regardless of the teams playing, at least since the lockout.

Yup, and not just for Deflategate. Goodell has set himself up as the judge/jury/executioner for player discipline issues, and the fact that the league has had several high-profile cases in recent years, particularly regarding assaults on women, in which punishments seemed to often not fit the crime or infraction, doesn’t make him look good.

Couple that with the league’s horrid handling (and longtime denial) of the concussion / CTE issue, with Goodell apparently one of the primary drivers behind that policy, and a number of smaller issues which all ladder back up to a league image that appears to be driven solely by money. I think that the average fan sees little in what Goodell does that makes the NFL better for them as fans, or for the players.

His job is to be booed the owners pay him millions to pretend their stupidity is really his idea. He is the face for petty squabbling among billionaires.

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