Roku Frenzy

We just got ourselves a Roku television, and I am scanning through all Roku internet channels(or at least I am attempting to-I am up to channel number 725 at this point), and finding some weird shit. Did you know they have five different channels dedicated to that Gilligan’s Island ripoff Dusty’s Trail?
But I am also finding some b-movie gems like B-Movie TV and American Horrors, dozens of great retro tv channels, news feeds from around the world, documentary channels and so much more.
So, what have you found of note(good or bad) on Roku?

I’m not sure if they draw from the same service, but my new Samsung TV came with a bunch of pre-loaded free channels. The ones that caught my interest is an all 007 channel and one that shows non-stop Riff Trax.

It’s kind of fun to watch the local news channels from all the places I’ve ever lived or visited.

I found an all-Leave It to Beaver channel and binged on that for a while.

Some of my go-tos are Tubi, Pluto TV, popcorn flix, Mutant Society, Midnight Pulp, Shout TV and all the Filmrise channels.

Sorry if this is off-topic, but do these channels have commercials on Roku? I can get all of them online for free, but they have commercials. I don’t have a Roku, but I do get the Roku channel commercial-free (most times) if I log in to an account. If getting an actual Roku would take away the commercials, it might be worth consideration.

Some other free channels that are similar are Crackle, IMDb TV, CW and CWSeed. I would assume all those are free on Roku since they’re free on the web.

PlutoTV, Tubi, and IMDB, and Crackle have commercials on Roku. Not a lot of commercials, but some. Generally if you aren’t paying for a service you will get commercials, something has to pay for their content and bandwidth.

Thanks! That helps. I’m able to get Crackle commercial free sometimes through the website, so I’ll pass on getting a Roku for now.

Roku recently added channel 457 for classic episodes of “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House”. Rather amusing to see Bob Vila working with an AT&T rep to figure out where to put the (not cordless) telephones.