Role of Film Editor during Pre-Production and Production Stages

What, if anything, is the normal role of the editor during the film shoot itself? Is the editor sitting next to the director taking notes? Is the editor usually on set during filming? What about pre-production?

I realize that generalities are dangerous, but I’m curious to know what the editor is doing prior to the post-production process.

During production the editor is working on day 1. He receives the dailies and begins working on them.

Per-production, I’m not exactly sure. I would imagine he is helping to put together animatics and possible story boards. I’m sure he sits in on a lot of story meetings.

Looking busy.

It’s the same for most professions, really.

Thanks for the replies. Ignorance fought.

That should really be “reply” since mine was comical and useless. To make amends, I can only suggest you check your local universities to see if they have film schools and give courses on editing, then check out the assigned readings for those classes. I’m sure you’ll find books describing the duties of an editor at all stages of production.

And if you don’t feel like buying a ~$120 (!) textbook, the same book is often available in the university library and you can skim it there.

Way back when I was in college, I took a course in Cultural Anthropology. At one point the instructor asked us, “When a movie is made, which person is the actual “artist,” the primary creator of the movie?” Everyone gave their opinions; some said the director, others said the producer, I said it was the screenwriter. The instructor said, no, it’s the editor. He starts alongside the others on the first day, and participates in the production of all the raw materials. He then combines them into the finished work of art.