Has anyone had rolfing done or been rolfed? What is done during rolfing and was it worth it?

Well, I’ve only ever heard of it as a slang term for vomiting.

Rolfing at Skeptic’s Dictionary.

Not this Billy Clyde Puckett.

Do not confuse rolfing with ROFLing (roll on floor laughing.) If you decide to try it, check the spelling before you get on the therapy table. :wink:

Just as an aside, that’s “ralphing” here. Call it “rolfing” and I bet Mr. Harris is embarrassed whenever he goes back home! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to chime in that “Rolfing” is one of the words that I chose to memorize out of my “Illustrated Dictionary of Unfamiliar Words”, and this is the first time I have had the pleasure of using that knowledge. Never had it done though, so I can’t help much with the OP. Thanks anyway, koawala!

It’s ralphing here, too! I’ve never heard of rolfing before…

Maybe they do things differently in Sydney … :slight_smile:

I’ve sorta been Rolfed.

A pal o’ mine took both Rolfing and reiki courses and gave me a massage that she said was a combination of the two. She let me know that if she just Rolfed me, it would “hurt a lot more.”

The session was very similar to plain ol’ massages I’ve had. Naked except for a sheet, music playing, candles burning, lotion being used.

The only thing I remember as being quite different was when I was laying on my front and she was massaging my lower back (very hard), I felt a burning sensation inside. She said it was because she was working on my kidneys and the “toxins were being released.” :eek:

Was it worth it? Well, it was free for me because my pal needed to rack up a certain number of hours before she could go back to Colorado to take the next part of the course. So, for me, it was worth it. I likely would not have paid for it. I only go for massages if I get gift certificates for them.

My friend also mentioned that being Rolfed properly can cause several emotional reactions, not just physical. After my one session, I only felt sleepy.

I was Rolfed about 20 years ago; however, I got a cut-rate price: all 10 sessions for $100, since the practitioner was just getting started. I understand now that one session costs $100 or more. (The Rolfing regime consists of 10 sessions.)

Rolfing is anything but gentle. Very hard, deep massage. The aim, among other things, is to improve posture. Before and after shots are taken, showing the improvement in the alignment of your spine. It is actually quite painful unless you learn to relax and breathe deeply during the intense pressure movements, which are designed to break up “adhesions.”

Actually, I had a regular massage recently which was not very different. The masseur asked how much pressure I wanted and when it was very intense he would ask if the pressure was OK. It was actually not, but I didn’t want to sound like a wimp, so I gasped, “OK, OK,” as I grinned and bore it. Well, not really a grin. More like a grimace.

So, is it worth it? That’s up to you. You can probably get a deep massage from a regular masseur at less cost.

Rolfing is a highly suspect procedure that separates the rubes from their rubles.
Research if for yourself if tempted to engage it it.

I visited the local site for the lectures on “The Hockey Puck That Heals.” Pure hokum.
The saddest sight was an elderly couple. The husband was desparate for help for his wife who appeard to be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. The ‘battle axe’ in charge would willingly take their money and provide a snake oil ‘cure’ in return, but no real help.

American Heritage Dictionary says:

Rolf·ing - A service mark used for a technique of deep muscular manipulation and massage for the relief of bodily and emotional tension.

I was rolfed just once and I was bruised for weeks. I was probably too old for it but I thought it would help the arthritis in my joints. Reiki is much better and is done for terminal patients.

It’s not for sissies!

Both are used, with *ralphing * being much more common than rolfing. However, until I’d read this post, I’d still only ever heard of rolfing in the context of slang for vomiting.