Roll Call: List the dead analog television stations for your area.

Today some of the television stations will stop broadcasting analog signals. In this thread you can list them when they are gone. Don’t list them until they are gone. Give their shutdown time and date if you have it.

All of them.

The entire country moved a year or so ago.

That’s nice. This thread is for listing not thread shitting. Please move on.

I think you missed the point. The thread is far too vague. I’m guessing you’re talking about the US but you may not be. Is this international? Do you want details about the Sutton Colefield transmitter?

WCOV in Montgomery went off analog back sometime in January. Several others dropped analog yesterday, and WSFA will hang on until the new June whenever deadline.

Since we live on the very edge of analog reception we added the local option to our satellite setup. This avoided the dreaded Blue Screen, which experts said we were going to get once digital was in. Was the claim that digital broadcasts don’t go as far out as analog correct?

Anyway…Now our high, rotational antenna, faithful friend for over two decades, is an un-used relic. I’d write congress about this if it wasn’t congress that caused this crap to begin with!

Sorry. I didn’t understand your intent. I mean the USA broadcasts which many broadcasters are going to end today.

WMTV NBC15 switched to digital only last night at 11:59 p.m. - This is Madison Wisconsin.

WEAU (Eau Claire area - NBC, channel 13) Actually switched on Monday rather than Today (Tuesday).

Thier digital was on RF channel 39 (IIRC) and is now back on RF channel 13.
I hope my Analog recording of Heros went OK.


Here’s a list of U.S. stations which have announced they’re ending analog broadcasts on February 17. None of them are in Tucson, where I live. But I have cable, so I’m won’t be directly affected when they do…

I know that one of the listed Madison stations changed it’s mind. Fox.

WKOW-TV 27 Madison Wisconsin off the air on 02/17/2009 1:00 PM.

So it appears that none of the Chicago stations are shifting today. Not that it matters since I already got my converter box.

I get the reasoning behind the delay to June, although it’s not like they haven’t been warning us Ad Nauseum for about 18 months now. I’m just tired of hearing about it.

As far as I know, all the Baltimore stations (CBS, ABC, UPN, CW and Fox) are changing over tonight (in 30 minutes!), except for the NBC affiliate.

In Omaha Nebraska,

WOWT the local NBC affitialte turned their analog signal off at noon yesterday
KYNE, part of the Nebraska ETV and a PBS affiliate, also went down at noon yesterday. I was in the transmitter room when it was shut down, and I will be involved in the remodel work to remove the analog equipment and installing the back up digital transmitter into this location.

From the above link it looks like only two made the switch. I wonder if I can pick any of them up better now. None of the DC channels have made the switch that I know of. I wish they would have though.

The local PBS though has changed the way they do their analog station. Before during the week it was all children’s programming. Now it’s lots of different stuff from the other four channels they have.

I thought all stations with a “W” call sign were East of the Mississippi.

At one time stations west of the Mississippi were assigned W call signs. Then for awhile the FCC didn’t much care, then all stations east of the Mississippi were assigned W.

KNLC in St. Louis actually made the switch a couple of weeks ago, by going on as a second station to another digital channel. I think maybe it was some kind of deal where the other station could use KNLC’s UHF channel for awhile or something.

Last week I talked to a buddy who works at a PBS station. He said they’ve gotten hundreds and hundreds of calls – not about the switch, but from viewers who had gotten their converter boxes and couldn’t get the station becuase their antennas didn’t work. The littkle antenna on the TV wasn’t good enough to get the digital signal, the old antenna on the rooftop was designed for VHF, an antenna pointed in the right direction for one station wouldn’t pick up a station in another direction, etc.

Seems to me that part of the switch hasn’t been made particularly clear to anyone. I fiddled around with various antenna fixes for weeks before I hit on the right combination.

In addition to the MSNBC link posted above, check out some of the releases from the FCC over the past few weeks. Station information is in the attachments.